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Landmann Smoky Mountain 32910 Vertical Electric Smoker Review

Landmann Smoky Mountain 32910 Vertical Electric Smoker ReviewEnjoy fabulous smoked foods from your patio or yard, without lighting a fire constantly. Avoid all the fire poking, and constant checking with an electric smoker. The Landmann company specializes in smokers and grills, for over 50 years they have been a leading name in cookers. Grilling enthusiasts know the Landmann name by heart, as they are one of the most popular manufactures of dependable cookers. The Smoky Mountain 32910 Vertical Electric Smoker is one of their top of the line smokers.

It has all the leading technology, at the cost of an entry-level smoker. When you want quality you can depend on, choose Landmann for your outdoor cooking needs. This smoker is specifically designed for use by professionals who smoke everyday, or amateurs who are just getting started.

Construction and Appearance

Heavy steel construction assures dependability for years to come. The fully insulated smoking chamber will maximize efficiency, and provide the best results. The outside appearance is a beautiful black, with chrome accented handles and knobs. A magnetic door with an additional manual latch will assure the door stays closed when you close it.

The smoker is on wheels, making it easy to move around. Large, easy to open doors for each compartment, making smoking simple for beginners. Separate slide out drawers for the water and wood chips, and a separate ash drawer for ease of adding wood, and removing ash. A window isn’t required, as the LCD control panel will keep a close control of the temperature constantly.

Internal Cooking Capacity

Four chrome plated cooking grates adjust to for a complete 768 square inch cooking chamber. Each of the extremely durable steel grates is capable of holding 15 pounds, 60 pounds total for all 4 grates. Large enough to cook a few full chickens and some extras. The 60 pound cooking capacity is unheard of in electric smokers of this size.

Technical Specifications

Energy efficient 800 watt heating element is capable of heating up to 275 degrees. A LCD control panel allows adjustments as low as 100 degrees, up to 275 degrees for the ultimate smoking experience. Push button digital control allows adjustments quickly and efficiently on the panel. A built-in metal meat probe allows quick checking of the food, without removing it from the smoker.


Full assembly required, however a screwdriver and a level are the only tools needed. Included with the smoker is an easy to read diagram, for quick assembly. The pictures clearly illustrate each step with a number sequence. Everything needed for assembly is included in a separate box, so parts don’t get lost during shipping. The average assembly time is 75 minutes for the average consumer. A toll-free line for person-to-person customer service is available for individuals having trouble with assembly. Large wheels, and handles allow this smoker to easily move from storage to the cooking spot with little effort.


Patented slide out drawers allow for easy cleaning. Interior grease shields concentrate the runoff into the galvanized steel grease pan, keeping the inside clean. The grease pan is easily removed and replaced for quick cleaning. Removable cooking racks come out with ease, and clean up in a breeze.

Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker Dimensions

Assembled overall dimensions are 32.5 inches high x 20.2 inches depth x 21.7 inches wide.

Customer Reviews

A well-built heavy-duty smoker like is hard to come by. A capable smoker, with premium features – it justifies it’s hefty price tag. Yes, it’s much more expensive than other models but you’re buying quality, not just the name. You can use it even in the coldest temperatures, so you can’t NOT have your ribs and jerky just because it’s snowing heavily outside.


Energy efficient 800 watt heating element saves electricity, while providing a beautiful smoked meal. The heavy-duty construction will provide durability for years to come. Large wheels and handles allow easy transport of the smoker. Small design featuring a large capacity will maximize cooking potential.

Easily adjustable press button LCD control panel makes smoking easy for beginners, and allows total control over the cooking speed. Steel wood chip box with vented lid allows exceptional smoke flavoring. Patented easy access doors for wood chips, water, and grease tray separate from the cooking chamber, makes maintenance during cooking quick and easy.

Porcelain coated steel water pan will assure rust free use. Built-in magnetic door latch allows for secure closing, and quick opening. A built-in meat thermometer probe, for checking cooking temperatures without removing anything. Provides excellent results due to the low-wattage heating element. Overall footprint is small making it easy to store anywhere. Huge internal smoking area, allows smoking for a large group of people.


Lack of viewing window means opening the door every time you want to check cooking progress. Overall heavy weight, at 80 pounds, it will be difficult if it needs to move where the wheels don’t have value. Single heating element of 800 watts has a maximum cooking temperature of 275 degrees, taking longer to smoke foods.

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