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Kuvings GMPD931U Centrifugal Juicer

rr5With its many iterations in the home kitchen, the juicer is becoming an extremely important part of modern cooking. The Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer is without a doubt one of the more popular juicers on the market, particularly with its ability to process virtually anything. For instance you will not need to peel the skin, remove the seeds, or even cut the food into smaller pieces. In addition to that the product claims to leave behind no residue, which ultimately means that all of the materials processed will go into creating the juice.

If you’re unsure as to the safety of the product then you will be glad to know that it features a locking system that keeps it from functioning unless the bowl is on the base, and both of their covers are locked into place. This is a great safety feature that many people will undoubtedly make use of. We could go on about how great this device is all day however, and you more than likely won’t take any advice we give until you’ve seen the customer reviews and the features. Luckily we happen to have both of these with us here today

Specifications and Features:

  • • Kuvings GMPD931U Centrifugal Juicer Large capacity feeding tube
  • • 350 watt motor
  • • 11,000 RPM
  • • Stainless steel blade and basket
  • • Centrifugal

Kuvings GMPD931U Centrifugal Juicer Reviews:

There are very few negative reviews surrounding this product, though the ones that do exist seem to center around the fact that it fails to juice properly. One customer complained that the device would become jammed with carrots and would generally suffer from other performance problems. In addition to that customers have found that the product makes random noises while in use. While some have been able to ignore this, others found it to be a bit disconcerting when the juicer began to jump around the counter during operation. Whether or not this happened to every customer is debatable, but it does seem to be an isolated incident.

Other customers however state that the juicer performs well considering its original purpose. That purpose of course is to perform light juicing duties, and for that, it works fantastically. As for whether or not you will purchase this juicer, it will ultimately be left in your hands. There are plenty of positive reviews to back it’s potential operation, but there are a few negative reviews that you will need to heed before purchasing.

All in all we would recommend buying this juicer so long as you are not attempting to juice a few dozen pounds of cucumbers every morning. The Kuvings GMPD931U Centrifugal Juicer provides all of the features you would need for a light breakfast or even a decent lunch if you so desire. Remember, the juicer is essential in nearly every kitchen and yours is not an exception! Make sure you choose a juicer and keep one on hand at all times. You never know when you might want to create your own snacks, and being prepared is the best way to go about doing so.

Kuvings NJ-9310U Centrifugal Juicer, Orange
51 Reviews
Kuvings NJ-9310U Centrifugal Juicer, Orange
  • Centrifugal juice extractor for juicing fruits and vegetables at home
  • Large-capacity cylindrical feeding tube can fit whole fruit; safety locking system
  • Energy-saving 350-watt motor capable of food-processing speed of 11,000 rpm
  • Stainless-steel blade and basket; continuously juices up to 30 to 50 cups
  • Measures 16-4/5 by 14 by 9-2/3 inches; 1-year manufacturer's warranty

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