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Kalorik JK-19967 1500-Watt Cordless Jug Kettle Review

Kalorik JK-19967 1500-Watt Cordless Jug Kettle ReviewDiscover the Benefits of Electric Kettles A kettle is a very important kitchen accessory. A home is incomplete if it does not have a kettle. Kettles are used for a very wide variety of things since they are used to prepare hot water. Hot water is used for countless numbers of things, such as sterilizing baby bottles, preparing instant noodles, preparing hot cocoa, heating water for a bath, and most importantly, to heat water for coffee or tea.

Those of you who are looking for an electric kettle may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of electric kettles on the market.  Those of you who are on a budget and looking for a very reliable electric kettle will still have quite a selection, but many of these cheaper models are not very trustworthy and may break quite often. One very good model at a good price is the Kalorik JK-19967. It can boil water twice as fast as a microwave can and is quite efficient and reliable as well as innovative.

The Kalorik JK-19967 stands out from most other budget electric kettles because it comes with a revolutionary cordless design which allows the kettle to be lifted off of its base and allows for easy pouring. This kettle also comes with a locking lead with a specialized trigger button located on the rubberized handle to ensure safety and easy fill. You won’t have to worry about spilling water on this electric kettle.

The Kalorik JK-19967 has a maximum capacity of a gallon which is quite impressive considering the price and size it comes in—not to mention how fast it is able to heat water. This product features a 1500-watt heating element and a water level indicator to show just how much water is left within it as well as the other aforementioned features.

The Kalorik JK-19967 is the perfect electric kettle boiler and you certainly will not be able to find an electric kettle as good as this that comes in the same price range. This kettle comes at a modest price of $19. It is also worth mentioning that it comes in a stylish design and will be able to blend in most kitchen counters. This is also very easy to clean, and the owners of this electric kettle will only need a few minutes to ensure this gets cleaned. It is also very easy to store since it is not that large and will fit in most shelves and drawers.

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