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Ka-Bar Kukri 1249 Machete Review

Ka-Bar Kukri 1249 Machete ReviewThe Ka-Bar Knives Kukri 1249 machete is a Nepalese survival knife with an inwardly curved edge that’s designed for chopping branches, shrubs, undergrowth and more to clear the ground to make open pathway during hiking or hunting.


  • Blade Finish: Nil
  • Blade Length: 11-1/2?
  • Blade Material: 1085 Carbon Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 0.165?
  • Handle: Kraton G
  • Overall Length: 17?
  • Sheath: Cordura/Leather
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs


The Kukri-style, razor-sharp blade is made of 1085 high-carbon steel hence strong (hardness 52-54 on the Rockwell scale) enough to chop thick grass, clear campsite or cut bamboo, hardwood or small branches without much effort. Blade is sturdy and heavily weighted near the head (front-heavy) for perfect balance hence all the swinging action will transfer the power to the curved front end for comfortable chopping. It is full tang construction hence very strong to chop and cut thick wood without breaking. It sharpens easily and holds an edge for a long time. It is black powder coated to prevent rust.

** Due to its kukri shape, this machete is harder to sharpen using a traditional knife sharpener. It can be sharpened using a sharpening rod with special skill though.

** Fairly short at just 17 inches in length with the blade at just 11-1/2 inches long yet weighs a little bit heavy at 1.7 pounds.


It comes with an ergonomically-shaped, thick, black Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle that offers a comfortable and secure grip (even when wet) when holding it. The handle comes with a small hole drilled right through it so that paracord or slip rope can pass through it to prevent machete from flying out of hand during whacking.

** Handle is slightly small in diameter hence could cause undue tendon strain for those with big palm.


It comes with a sturdy black Cordura/leather combo sheath with two button-down leather straps to keep machete safely after use. Sheath comes with a loop at the bottom so it can be strapped to the leg with a cord or strap for convenience during hiking.

Final Thoughts

The Ka-Bar Kukri 1249 machete is a tool that’s ideal to bring along during hiking or hunting. It makes short work in chopping and basic field use.

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