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iRobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum

poiWhen it comes to robotic technology, iRobot is veteran. Ever since it released the Roomba in 2002, they have set the standard in the automated cleaning industry. The iRobot Roomba 780 is a small, circular vacuum unit that is capable of vacuuming rooms completely independently. This unit is a step up from it’s predecessors in that there are new features involved.

Included in this unit is a navigation system which is capable of learning it’s environment, as well as detecting the edges of stairs or other drop offs. Some people might think that the iRobot Roomba is not capable of cleaning floor surfaces effectively; however, this is rather the opposite.

The Roomba has brushes and suction power that is capable of picking up dirt and debris. Furthermore, the Roomba has a detection system that analyzes objects on the ground to determine whether they’re smaller things like sand, or larger debris such as popcorn.

Roomba 780 Pros

The Roomba 780 makes use of a system check that is able to perform 64 different checks per second. This navigation check system learns the rooms in which it is placed, and will form it’s own method of cleaning the floors, after it’s learned the best patterns to utilize when cleaning the rooms. The system is capable of performing long sweeps or circular motions to effectively clean up dirt debris in it’s path.

The Persistent Pass Cleaning system determines the best cleaning method for each specific areas of the floor. Besides checking and analyzing debris on the floor, the Roomba units are also able to move around tight areas to get to hard-to-reach dirt. Because the iRobot Roomba utilize a Dirt Detect Series 2 technology, this allows the acoustic sensors to detect small grains of sand or dirt to effectively remove them from carpet, linoleum, wood, or other types of flooring surfaces.

At times, there might be power cables, computer cables, or DVD wiring across the floor, the iRobot Roomba’s anti-tangle safeguard mechanisms prevent the unit from tangling and sucking up cords. In addition to the sensors, the iRobot Roomba also comes equipped with dual HEPA filters to capture airborne pet hair, dust, or other contaminants. This particular Roomba unit also boasts the ability to operate for up to 90 minutes on a single charge, thanks to the upgraded battery.

As far as emptying the unit, an AeroVac Series 2 bagless bin makes emptying the device as simple as releasing a safety mechanism, and tilting the unit to dispose the debris into a waste bin.To set the unit up, you can simply program the cleaning schedule by pressing the buttons on top of the unit. There are day, hour, minute, clear, and confirm buttons to make the cleaning schedule setup simple and easy to learn. Once the schedule has been set, people can now leave the unit to clean their house floors without paying it any attention, other than when it needs to be emptied.

Along with the Cliff Detect option that prevents the unit from moving over stair edges or other drops in the home, there is also the auto docking option. When the Roomba 780 is low on it’s battery charge, the device will automatically return to the charging station.

Because the Roomba is of such a small stature (it’s only 8 cm tall), it can easily clean under bed frames, coffee tables, and other low areas around the home. The unit is designed with soft touch bumpers that prevent it from causing damage when bumping into baseboards, furniture around the house, or people’s heels. Also, there are two Lighthouses sensor devices that are supplied with the Roomba; the Lighthouses can be placed in strategic areas of the home to prevent the Roomba unit from crossing a designated line.

Roomba 780 Cons

If you have dark colored carpets, the Roomba will avoid it like a cliff, as some customers have noted. Apparently, the cliff sensor will somehow mistakenly detect black carpet as a step/stairs. You can tape white paper strips to block the sensor, but be wary as this can void your warranty. Also, some people have found it “too rough” on carpets and it tends to suck up carpet fibers. It can also be tough on shag carpets and thick rugs.


In conclusion of the iRobot Roomba, this unit operates effectively, and is able to decipher between debris it encounters on the floor. This helps to allow the unit to clean each of the rooms of the house properly. However, with that said, people will need to use their standard vacuum cleaner periodically to ensure a thorough cleaning. While the Roomba is efficient at cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of floors, every now and then a standard vacuuming is needed. Furthermore, the safety bumpers, auto-docking feature, easy programmability, and the long battery life make the iRobot Roomba 780 a good investment for people to consider.

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