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IRobot Roomba 550/551 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

pouHouse cleaning can be very difficult and time consuming. People are always looking for ways to clean with less effort and in no time at all. The technological developments have come to our aid. And for cleaning the floor around the house there have been made impressive breakthroughs. The invention of the vacuum cleaning robot has made things a lot easier. One such machine is the iRobot Roomba 550/551.

What makes the Roomba special is that you just need to programe it and it will take care of the cleaning for you, leaving you to do other chores or just to find a way to enjoy your time. You just have to press the Clean button and the cleaning starts.

If it is at full battery the robot can clean up to four rooms. It can pick up any types of dirt, dust or pollen. Its sensors make it easy for the Roomba to get around obstacles, into corners and to not get tangled in its own power cord or of other machines. Its low profile allows it to clean under beds, low tables, couches or any other obstacles. The iRobot Roomba 550/551 customer reports have found it unbelievable how such a device can clean so thoroughly.

You can also schedule for how long you want it to clean a certain room. Another smart feature is that it can detect different floor levels, so it can avoid falling down the stairs. Well all this smartness has a small drawback that the iRobot Roomba 550/551 customer reports have detected, its price.

Here are some more smart features to make you understand why the price is so high. When it finishes cleaning it automatically goes back to its charge area and starts charging itself. In order to keep its brushes clean you might have to take a minute when you empty its bin and clean them over once, but that is all the maintenance you need to do to keep it running.

Lastly I`m going to present what treats you are going to get when you order it: a bumper extension, a brush cleaning tool, a rechargeable battery, a power adapter, two Virtual Wall Lighthouses, two extra filters, four C batteries for the Virtual Walls and two extra Bristle Brushes.

And as a bonus the manufacturer throws in a 1 year warranty and you are starting to forget about that price. The iRobot Roomba 550/551 review concludes that if you can afford this marvel of technology, buy it. I see only advantages in using it, making floor cleaning simple and effortless.

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