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Inversion Table – Get Your Back And Body Into Good Shape

Inversion Table - Get Your Back And Body Into Good ShapePain, ill-health, exploitation and suffering are part of life and living. But we certainly don’t have to live with them and endure them. Today’s competitive world has made us so busy and pre-occupied in our work, in our careers, in achieving our ambitions; that we tend to neglect God’s greatest gift to us – our body. Apart from the regular abuse we subject it to; we do little to condition and refurbish it. Resultantly, over a period of time, the erred lifestyle takes its toll and starts to push us on to the downhill path – a path of pain and suffering.

Symptoms crop up all over one after another; spelling doom and casting gloom. Aches and pains, stiffness and sluggishness become like monsters hounding you day and night and; you in your repenting silence wish in futility, if you could just turn things around. Futility? No! Surprisingly, you can!! Certainly, you can’t change the past but you definitely can ‘invert’ the present and the future through an Inversion Table.

An Inversion Table is the means we have to help us battle odds or even better don’t let the odds even venture close to you. For those of us who are already suffering chronic back pain an Inversion Table is an ideal way out of your woes and to getting your back and body into good shape again. An Inversion Table is an ideal therapeutic aid for back pain as it helps in increasing circulation of blood in the back especially along the spine and relieving stress in the spine and vertebrae.

Research has revealed that sciatic pain patients who have used Inversion Tables are less likely to need surgery than those who have not. Through inverting, decompression of the vertebral column occurs which helps in rehydrating the discs, realigning the column, reduce nerve pressure and relax muscles. A 25 degree inversion for a few minutes can make a sea change in how you feel.

Now if this may sound like a treatment for the ailing, then we may be wrong, as while most people resort to inversion for back pain etc it has a wide range of other benefits for those still not unfit or those who are absolutely fit too. Simply put across use of an Inversion Table helps your body in recovering from the constant compressive effects of gravity and telling stresses of work, which are ‘pulling you down’, by turning your world around. Experts in the medical, physical and sports fields alike recommend Inversion Tables as an effective means of therapy for the backbone and load-bearing joints.

Regular use of Inversion Tables ensures functional fitness and addresses the key aspects of working out that is cardiovascular activity, strength and flexibility. It helps in care and feeding of the discs which otherwise remain compressed between vertebrae. In a person who indulges in strenuous physical activity it helps the body to recover and reduce stress in muscles. In older people use of Inversion Tables helps in height maintenance and relief to varicose veins.

So there is every reason for everybody to invert their world to healthier living and longevity.

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