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How to Keep Your Dehumidifier Working

Your dehumidifier is just like any other electrical appliances such as air-conditioner and refrigerator in your house, and needs to be maintained and cared for regularly. If you want your dehumidifier to work for its money’s worth, then it is wise to invest some time once every 6 months or a year to service it.

What you need to do is to disassemble the dehumidifier and clean it inside out. Sounds difficult? Don’t worry, here’s a guideline on how to do it.

What You Need

First, you must prepare the tools (make sure you have everything before you start or risk wasting your time and energy screwing everything back). The things you need are:
1) Various types of screwdrivers
2) New filter (if the original filter is not washable)
3) Laundry detergent/soap
4) Vacuum cleaner
5) Rags/cleaning cloth
6) Fin comb
7) Narrow brush with long handle
8 ) Spray detergent/Air cond coil cleaner
9) Oil can with general purpose oil or motor oil

How to Do It

Now you’ve got everything you can start:-

1) Turn off the switch and unplug your dehumidifier.

2) Take out the water container or tank to wash.

3) Put that aside after washing and take out the filter next. The filter is usually located at the back of the dehumidifier.

4) Replace it with a new filter if it is not washable. If it is washable, place it in a basin or plugged sink and soak it in warm water with laundry detergent or soap. Just leave it there while you work on other parts of the dehumidifier.

5) Unscrew the rear, front grille and metal cover of the dehumidifier with caution. It may be a good idea to check the way it is put together before you pull anything out, so that you know how to put it back together. DO NOT unplug any wires connecting to humidistat and indicator light.

6) Now you can see the coils. With extra caution, use the brush and spray detergent or coil cleaner to clean the coils. The fins are very soft and might damage easily so use soft vertical strokes. You can pour warm water slowly over the coils to rinse them afterwards but be very careful not to let it drip onto electrical components or the motor. Tip: Use the rags to absorb excess water.

7) Then use the fin comb to unbend the fins gently.

8 ) By this time you can rinse that filter in your basin/sink and put it aside to dry.

9) Find the oil holes in the motor and put a few drops of oil in. Not too much though.

10) Use the rags or cleaning cloth to wipe the fan blades clean. Take care not to bend them.

11) Wipe up any water that is found in the dehumidifier.

12) Before you put everything back, vacuum the front and rear grilles of the dehumidifier to get rid of any dust and dirt that accumulated there.

13)When everything is dry, screws the parts back in reverse order of the way you took them out. Be gentle when placing the water container/tank back in because you don’t want to damage the float arm.

Basic Care

Be assured that if you find this task very overwhelming, you can always call in a technician to do it for you. But here are some tips on basic care:

  • Don’t switch on the dehumidifier as soon as you switch it off. Wait for about 15 minutes.
  • When emptying the bucket/tank each time, gently put it back so that you don’t damage the float arm.
  • Try to wash the filter regularly or change a new filter using steps 1- 4 above.

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