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Haier HVTS16AMB Wine Refrigerator Review

Do you find it hard to achieve the perfect temperature when chilling your wine? Are you tired of serving dinner with wine that is not chilled? The truth is that most people prefer their wine chilled. Wine is perhaps one of the best alcoholic drinks. It even has significant health benefits provided that you take it in moderation.

Wine is the perfect companion for your favourite pasta dish. Any dinner can be extra special with wine on the menu. If you think you have the perfect kitchen but have no place to store and chill your wine in, then maybe you should think of investing in a Haier HVTS16AMB.

The Haier HVTS16AMB is a 16 bottle wine cellar that is made with a double pane glass door with a bamboo finish exterior. Very classy, isn’t it? Its medium-coloured bamboo finish is the perfect touch to your kitchen. It is only 24 inches in height and 19 inches in width, making it very easy to fit in your kitchen. You can put it on a countertop or it can be a perfect addition to your mini-bar.

The Haier HVTS16AMB can fit up to 16 bottles of wine. It keeps all your favourite wine chilled while saving it from premature aging. It comes with easy to navigate controls on the top so you can adjust the temperature depending on your preference. Any wine aficionado would know that wine has to be chilled at a certain temperature to achieve the best taste. With this cellar, you don’t have to store your wines inside your refrigerator anymore.

A good bottle of wine deserves its own container. If you think the same, then you should definitely get yourself a Haier HVTS16AMB now. It uses thermo-electric cooling technology that makes it very quiet during operation. It is also equipped with an interior light, making it easier for you to see your wine selection, even in the dark. The soft light interior also gives it a classier look when displayed in your mini-bar or your kitchen.

The Haier HVTS16AMB is also relatively cheap compared to other wine coolers; and because of its very classy design, no one would ever guess how much it is. Give yourself and your guests the chilled wine you all deserve. With this cooler, you can make any dinner special for anyone. Make your evenings worthwhile by going home to a house that has perfectly chilled wine. Never again would you have to worry about achieving the perfect temperature for your wine.

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