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Graco Simple Switch 2-in-1 High Chair and Booster Seat Review

When your child is able to sit on his own, it is about time you thought about buying a high chair. Every parent will agree that feeding a baby is such a hectic process. A high chair makes this hectic process quit an easy task and this is the reason why every parent should consider buying a high chair for the infant and a booster seat as the child continues to grow.

However when making the purchase, it is important to ensure that the safety of your child is guaranteed and this is the reason why we suggest that you buy Graco Simple Switch 2-in-1 High Chair and Booster Seat. It is a two in one high chair and booster seat that will see your child all the way from infantry all the way to the end of their toddlerhood.

This chair offers three adjustable positions to ensure that your child is comfortable during feeding. The chair also comes with a serving tray which can easily be removed whenever you want to clean it. It is important to note that you can wash the serving tray in a dish washer. Graco SimpleSwitch High Chair and Booster come with a 3 to 5 point convertible harness that ensures that the booster is properly secured to the seat. Securing the booster to the seat ensures that your baby is safe during feeding.

Important Features of Graco Simple Switch 2-in-1 High Chair and Booster Seat

Two in one design

The chair is designed to make meal time enjoyable to both the parent and the child. Unlike other children chairs which are only useful to children of specific age, Graco SimpleSwitch High Chair and Booster will grow with your child. As your child grows, you will be able to convert this chair to a booster chair from high chair. This will save you the cost of buying a new product to meet the needs of your grown child.

Built in leg storage

As your child grows and becomes more independent during feeding, you can remove the SimpleSwitch legs and keep them on the footrest to keep everything intact. With a built-in storage, the booster becomes portable and can be carried everywhere you go for example when you are going to a restaurant or when you are going shopping.

3 reclining positions and harness

The seat can be reclined for up to 3 positions which allow the parent to find the most appropriate position to feed their infants. The convertible 3 to 5 harness will give you peace of mind knowing that your infant is properly secured.

Removable tray and machine washable seat pads

When buying any product to be used by your child, you must consider ease of washing to ensure that the child’s hygiene is well maintained. The removable tray can be washed by simply sliding it off with one hand and then wiping it with a piece of cloth. The frame and the footrest can be cleaned using a piece of sponge or cloth and an ordinary soap. The removable seat pad may be machine washed and then allowed to drip dry.

Age restrictions

This product will be useful to your kid until it attains the age of around three years. The maximum weight allowed on this seat is 40lbs.

Who needs this chair?

This is an amazing product that every mother needs. It will be useful to your baby since birth until they attain the age of three years. It comes with a warrant of one year.


  • Easy to assemble- It comes with very easy to follow instruction which makes it easy for anyone to assemble this product.
  • Stylish and adorable- Everyone loves the appearance of this product. It comes with appealing natural colors and patterns and therefore you can carry it wherever you know that everybody will be admiring it. With the removable tray, you are able to ensure that it is clean and therefore your child is protected from germs.
  • Adjustable seat-belts that are easy to use- The chair is not bulky and it does not require so much space in your house.
  • Three sitting positions-This is another great feature of this chair. With these positions, you can be sure that your kid will be comfortable whether he is feeding or whether he is relaxing.
  • It has handles on the back and sides which make it easy to move the chair around.
  • Good price- This product comes at a very fair price which makes it affordable to most parents.
  • Small and sturdy- This will not only make it portable but you are also guaranteed that your child is safe.


It lacks a mini tray underneath the main tray. Most high chairs come with a mini-tray underneath the main tray which ensures that even after you remove the main tray for washing, there will be something holding the child in position. However, it must be noted that the straps will secure the child in place even after removing the tray and therefore you don’t have to worry that the child would fall down. When you strap a baby on the chair, the straps pass right against the neck. this may result in chafing red marks. However, this can be avoided by loosening the straps. This chair does not fold up and therefore it is not easy to store it. However, this limitation has been countered by ensuring that the chair is small sized and therefore it occupies a small space during storage.

Value for your money

Once you buy this product, you can be sure to enjoy the value of your money. From the comfort accorded to your child, ease of moving around, ease of cleaning, fair price and so on, it is evident that this is the high chair you need for your child.

Where can you buy this seat?

Although you will get Graco Simple Switch 2-in-1 High Chair and Booster Seat from many online stores, you will realize that amazon.com are currently having the best deals.

Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair and Booster, Zuba
923 Reviews
Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair and Booster, Zuba
  • 2-in-1 portable high chair that converts to booster when your child is ready
  • 3-position reclining seat helps you find a comfortable feeding position for your little diner; this is a feature that moms love when considering high chairs
  • Machine-washable seat pad makes cleaning this baby high chair easy
  • One-hand tray removal makes getting your child in and out simple
  • Built in leg storage keep parts together on this foldable high chair when you transition to booster mode

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