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Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect LX Stroller Review

Besides a crib, one of the most important purchases for new parents is a stroller. A stroller becomes a young child’s home away from home, allowing him or her to take trips and experience the outside world. One of the newer strollers on the market is the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect LX Stroller, which is Graco’s foray into the “jogging stroller” market. So how does the Connect LX match up?


The Connect LX stroller is designed for easy unfolding and refolding, as it is designed to expand and retract with one hand and in one motion. It has three air-filled rubber tires with a locking front swivel wheel that allows the stroller to turn on a dime and also be equipped for walking and for jogging. It is designed to fit kids that weight up to 50 pounds, which means that it’s good for infants up to children that are five or six years old. You can click in infant car seats to the stroller, and it also has a parent tray with two cupholders that allows parents to click on toys for small children to play with. The seat can recline in multiple ways, and the canopy protects the seated child from the sun and elements.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro to the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect LX Stroller is the one-hand, unfold and go system. It allows the owner to get the stroller out of the car and get it set up while still being able to carry their child in their other hand. The swivel wheel in front allows one to go from walking to running mode quickly and navigate turns skillfully. It reclines easily to keep the child comfortable, while the safety harness secures the child and keeps them safe. The stroller’s 50-pound weight capacity is also a plus, as it makes the stroller an item that can be used for 5-6 years.

The biggest con comes from the front swivel wheel. While the wheel does allows for stopping and starting, it also tends to lock up on occasion, which makes for some herky and jerky travel, especially when one wants to jog. Another drawback comes from its size. While its generous weight capacity allows it to carry infants, toddlers and preschoolers alike, it can also make it cumbersome to lift, stow, and carry around, even with its easy-folding characteristics.


This is Graco’s first foray into the jogging stroller market, and thus far, it seems to be a success. There are some kinks that need to be worked out and there are things that will be improved on in later models, but if you need a durable, safe stroller right now, the Graco FastAction Fold Click LX Stroller is a good one to pick. Its weight capacity and safety harness alone make it a good investment, especially since it runs in the $150-$250 range. Anytime you can get a good, safe product for children that can last for years, you should go for it.

Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect Stroller, Fern
130 Reviews
Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect Stroller, Fern
  • Holds two children up to 50 pound each for years of comfortable strolling
  • Deluxe, padded, multi-position seats recline independently for each child's comfort
  • Dual canopies with visors adjust independently to keep little ones shaded and have peekaboo windows
  • Compact frame is slim and narrow, so it easily fits through doorways even with two little ones
  • One-second, Fastaction Fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go

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