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Genesis Original Bow Compound Bow Review

Genesis Original Bow Compound Bow ReviewIn today’s world of video games, PSP’s, televisions, computers etc. you hardly see children playing outdoor games. Parents are trying all the time to encourage their children to indulge in more outdoor activities.

Recently it is observed that a large amount of parents are pushing their kids to develop a liking for archery in their children and even the kids are interested to learn or take up archery as their hobby. Thus, it is very important for parents to select the right bow for their children according to their age.

One of the highly used and recommended bow is the Genesis Bow by Genesis Archery. The genesis original bow is a bow that usually covers all the standard lengths. It is considered as the official bow at the National Archery Schools Program and this is the only type of bow that is allowed in its competitions.

This bow has a string length of 94 3/16 inches and is of split-limb design. The riser of this bow is designed in such a way that it provides an optimal balance and thus is very durable and light weight. The genesis bow normally comes with a stainless steel cable guard that is of a lower mount, a NAP flipper style rest for arrow, cable slide and a molded competition grip. The riser of the bow is tapped for accessories and drilled.

  • 1. Aluminum Genesis Cam™
  • 2. Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Riser
  • 3. Molded Competition Grip
  • 4. Quick Replacement Rest (from New Archery Products®)
  • 5. Drilled and Tapped for Accessories
  • 6. Composite Limbs
  • 7. Aluminum Idler Wheel
  • 8. Stainless Steel Cable Guard
  • 9. High-Strength Durable Bowstring

Genesis Original Bow Pros:

Genesis original bow is considered to be one of the best compound bows as it has a lot of advantages compared to other bows. It is very simple to use this kind of compound bow as it does not require the need to fit and measure the draw length. It helps in shooting accurately and does not make much noise. It also has less recoil and no tuning problems at all. It is considered the most ideal bow for kids and beginners as it provides easy shooting as the draw length is always right.

In many compound bow reviews, the users have given positive views about the genesis original bow. According to a user in one of the compound bow reviews, it can be perfectly used by all the members of the family whether adults or children without any adjustments. Unlike this compound bow, in other compound bows a specific sized shooter needs to be set up.

Also in another compound bow review, the user had mentioned that he was very satisfied with the price of the bow. He purchased the bow for his kid who wanted to learn archery and he recommends this bow for all the children who want to take up archery.

Genesis Original Bow Cons:

Although there are a lot of benefits that the genesis original bow provides, it has a disadvantage also that was mentioned by one of the user in a compound bow review article. The bow is unable to work in a correct manner with aftermarket whisker biscuit rests for arrows.

Our Conclusion:

This bow is available on online shopping portals like amazon.com. It is observed that a lot of parents are buying this type of compound for their children who are of the age group 8-10 years. The users have mentioned that this bow provides best value for its price. It is basically a family product which all the members of the family can use and spend their holidays enjoying the sport.

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