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Garmin Approach G3 Review

Garmin Approach G3 ReviewThe Garmin Approach G3 will definitely help you in your game. What you will get is a a boost of confidence when using this device. The Garmin Approach G3 provides a way to improve your game and reduce the time and effort of pacing off yardages. The G3 has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can accurately measure the exact individual shot distances as well as show the precise yardage to green, fairways and hazards.

It’s the perfect companion while on the course due to it being compact, lightweight, and rugged. You can drastically improve your game with accuracy and precision with the G3. What you will get is a a boost of confidence when using this device. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this device and see why it’s a popular choice for golfers.

Product Specs

  • Unit dimensions ( WxHxD):   2.2? x 3.9? x 1.3?
  • Display size (WxH):   1.43? x 2.15?; 2.6? diag
  • Display resolution (WxH):   160 x 240 pixels
  • Display type:   TFT touchscreen (transflective color)
  • Weight:   5.3 oz with batteries
  • Battery:   2 AA batteries (Lithium or NiMH recommended)
  • Battery life:   up to 15 hours
  • Waterproof:   yes
  • GPS-enabled:   yes
  • High-sensitivity receiver:   yes
  • Interface:   USB
  • Preloaded course maps:   yes (U.S. and Canada)
  • Course capacity:   unlimited

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Golf GPS Device

There are many aspects to consider when picking your golf GPS device. If you have poor eyesight, the size of the screen and the font size may be extremely important aspects to you. If you require precision in keeping score and in identifying your shot ranges, you may appreciate score keeping functions and distance calculating in a GPS device. Identifying your needs and desires before you start shopping is essential to picking a GPS device that fits your needs on the green. Here are some important elements to consider before you make your choice.


The Garmin Approach G3 is a relatively small and lightweight device, measuring 2.2 inches wide, 3.9 inches tall and 1.3 inches in depth. It is a little heavier than other devices of a similar size but still comes in at a lightweight 5.35 ounces. This size makes it convenient to slip the device into your pocket or clip it to your belt before heading to your favorite course. The screen measures 2.6 inches across the diagonal, and the display resolution is 160 by 240 pixels. This device has a full-color touch screen, so there are few buttons at all, making it a sleek and simplistic design.

Screen Display

You can check the front, middle and back yardage with the Garmin Approach G3. The information is displayed on the high-quality, full-color touch screen in the form of a cartoon style map. While this may seem an adolescent touch, the maps work much better than digital renderings of the actual geography, as they are easier to view and decipher. No need to squint at your screen in an attempt to translate dark or light patches. The drawn map makes it easy to see water hazards, sand traps and more. You can change the zoom by simply pressing on the “zoom” option on the screen, and the hole number is also displayed along with an icon for keeping track of the score.

Battery Life

The Garmin Approach G3 uses standard AA batteries, so the charge will last for a standard charge time, or around 15 hours if you’re using lithium batteries. The big benefit of using standard batteries is that if you run out of a charge in the middle of a game you simply have to exchange the batteries for fresh ones and you’re ready to go again. The downside to using standard batteries is that they are usually not rechargeable.

Preloaded Course Maps

First of all, courses are preloaded so you’ll be ready to play right from the start. Simply pull out your device, add batteries, and play golf! You can load an unlimited amount of courses, so you never have to worry about the Garmin Approach G3 becoming full. The detailed course maps provide detailed information about hazards, fairways and more. Garmin continually updates their golf gps units to provide you with the most accurate information. There are 12,000 courses available, and no membership fees are required. Additionally, the device is waterproof, GPS-enabled and has a high-sensitivity receiver.

Additional Features

There are some handy additional features on the Garmin Approach G3 that will help you eliminate the guesswork and increase your percentages of getting on the green. Know your exact position on the course as the G3 automatically updates your location with exact distance measurements and other necessary information regarding hazards, fairways & greens from anywhere on the golf course. You will always know the yardage to the pin with the Green View option which provides you a zoom in on the flag. Tree Line Coverage allows you to see any trees that may be blocking your view of the fairway.

Pros Of The Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS

  • Great color screen that works in all types of weather
  • Touch screen that’s simple and intuitive
  • Uses standard batteries so you never have to worry about your charge
  • Courses preloaded
  • No membership fees
  • Score keeping abilities (up to four people)
  • Conforms to USGA/R&A rulesCons Of The G3
  • Uses standard batteries, so you’ll have to change your batteries regularly
  • Heavier than some comparable models

What Other Customers Had To Say

Here are a few things that its customers have to say about the Garmin Approach G3.

“I purchased the Garmin G3 for only two reasons. The price and lack of subscription. I got more than I paid for. The features of the G3 definitely give the average golfer the best bang for his (or her) buck. Overall, I am very pleased with the Garmin G3. The score taking, accuracy, pin location, look, fell, durability, and did I mention the tough screen. The touch screen is perfect. I definitely think that I got my money’s worth.” – LJ

“I chose the Garmin because I love the way is shows you a very clear visual of the whole fairway when standing on the tee box. I looked at several other GPS devices: Golf Buddy, Callaway, and the SkyCaddie, but the Garmin just seemed the simplest and easiest to use. And once you get out on the course, you’ll realize how important this becomes!” – JS

While not the cheapest option on the market, the Garmin Approach G3 is also not the most expensive. The G3 has a list price of $349.99, but Amazon has huge savings on this unit. This is considerably cheaper than the high-end version of this product, but more expensive than some comparable models.

Warranty Information

A one year warranty is included, though no information is offered on what this warranty covers. We suspect it’s a repair-replace warranty, though this has not been verified.

What’s In The Box?

The following items are included with the purchase of the Garmin Approach G3:

  • Garmin Approach G3
  • Belt Clip
  • USB Cable
  • Manual

The Bottom Line

While certainly not the cheapest option of its kind on the market, the Garmin Approach G3 is a sleek model that will compete well with other versions of the golfer’s GPS device. The illustrated holes enable golfers to clearly see hazards and the hole. The touch screen creates opportunities for golfers to add their own targets to the green, which makes this a great option for those who like to continually keep an eye on yardages. The fact that it uses standard batteries may be seen as either an advantage or a drawback depending on your personal preferences.

Overall, the Garmin Approach G3 is an option that competes well with similar models. If you really want to see great improvement in your game, get the Garmin Approach G3. With all the features that this little nifty gadget comes with, you won’t be needing anything else. This one’s a keeper.

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