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Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair Review

If you want a high-class high chair for your child, then the Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair is the ideal choice for you. This chair ensures comfort for anyone who is sitting on it, particularly if it is your baby.

You can also clean the chair easily and store it somewhere when not in use. Your child can also eat and drink while sitting in it, without ruining the whole chair in case of spills. Comfort and cleanliness come together in this product.

Three Main Product Features

Quick tray removal, dishwasher-compatible tray insert, and an easy-to-clean seat pad

These three features are all about cleanliness, which is an issue when young children eating. The tray can catch crumbs and can be detached easily. You can wash the tray insert just like the way you would wash other plates. The seat pad is resistant to food stains and is easy to wash.

Height and tummy adjustment

This feature basically ensures that as your child grows, the chair will accommodate that growth to make your child sit comfortably. You do not have to buy new chairs as your child grows taller and becomes heavier. You just let the chair do the adjustment for you.

Soft seat pad

No child would like to sit for long in a hard chair, so the seat pad is there. For more comfort, the seat pad is decorated with colorful animal pictures which can keep your child stay attentive while being seated.

Who Should Buy the Product?

The Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair is suitable for young children, so parents are expected to have this chair in their homes. Parents may buy one or more of this type of chair, depending on the number of children they have. Also, day care centers and schools that have young children everyday should be willing to make children comfortable by buying this chair in bulk.

Three Main Product Benefits

The product is easy to clean.

Often the comfort of sitting on a chair is offset by the prospect of getting it dirty sometimes. Not so for this chair. This chair is resistant to stains, so you need not clean it for most of the time. When you have to clean it, though, you can do it easily.

The chair “grows” with the child.

Thus, you need not buy new chairs as your child sitting on it grows up. You just have to let the chair adjust for your child.

Assembly, storage, and movement are both easy.

Assembly is necessary for children’s chairs, and this product makes doing so a breeze. Storing the chair is also easy because it can be folded. You can also move the chair easily because there are wheels attached to the chair.

One Product Con

Although the product has wheels, it has no wheels on the rear. That is necessary, though, so that the chair will not move uncontrollably with a child sitting on it.

Value For Your Money

You can surely make your child’s sitting experience superb with the Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair. Remember that for children’s chairs, comfort and cleanliness are paramount, and the product surely provides both. The chair will also be a trusted companion as your child grows up, because it “grows up” too.

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