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Exercise Bike Maintenance and Repairs

hqdefaultAn exercise bike at home is an easy way of keeping fit. But like most things, exercise bikes also need regular maintenance and sometimes repairs are necessary as well. Here is a short introduction to exercise bike and maintenance and repairs.

It does not make any difference if you have an upright or a recumbent exercise bike, the maintenance needed is the same. Make sure that you store you exercise bike in a dry place and handle it carefully. If you are not going to use your stationary bike for a while, you may want to cover it with something so it is protected from dust. If the bike has batteries, remove the batteries as well.

Make sure that you keep the chain clean and dry, most exercise bikes have the chain covered so it is protected from dust and sweat. Make it habit to wipe off sweat after every training session. Needless to say, the console also needs to be both clean and dry. Once a week, wipe off dirt and dust.

A common problem with exercise bikes is noise. Often this is due to a loose part or screw. Once a month, check that no nuts and bolts are loose. Check the manual how often the chain is supposed to be lubricated. Generally, you don’t need to oil the chain very often, once a quarter is often recommended. Note that the more lubrication you add, the more dust the chain will collect. Thus, more lubrication is not better.

Check your warranty before you start any repair attempts on your own. Most exercise bikes come with long warranties. In some cases, you can get the bike serviced in your home. Apart from the electronics, exercise bikes are relatively simple devices. Obviously, you should not attempt to fix electronic problems unless you really know what you are doing.

Ironically, the bikes with a lot of electronics can be very difficult to repair unless you are a professional. While a spinner bike is generally fairly easy to fix. Spinning bikes don’t have any electronics, you just need to know how to do basic bicycle repairs. In some places, you can get your bike repaired by professionals that don’t charge much. Check the Internet and Yellow Pages for more information.

Sometimes the belt to the flywheel may need adjustment. Magnetic flywheels require less maintenance than the mechanical types. Typically you adjust the belt by setting the flywheel tension to the lowest setting and then unhook the belt adjustment clasp. Now you can adjust the belt.

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