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Evolution Robotics 4200 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ryIn this Evolution Robotics 4200 review, you will surely be amazed with how cleaning your house can prove to be an easier task. The use of a robotic cleaner, such as the model which will be reviewed in this article, is ideal for those people who are too busy, or simply too lazy, to keep their house clean. This product is an evidence of how technological innovations can make our lives a lot easier.

For sweeping and mopping of floors that are made from hard materials, this innovative product from Evolution Robotics has the ability to deliver superior performance. It can pick up even the tiniest of dirt, such as dust and pet hair.

The best thing about this robotic cleaner is that it does all on its own, requiring minimal or no intervention on your part. In the end, you will be surprised with how clean your floor is, as if it has been swept and mopped by someone, when in fact, all has been made possible with a highly-advanced cleaner.

In many Evolution Robotics 4200 customer reports, the machine’s intelligent navigation has been highlighted, being made possible by the NorthStar Navigation System. It works just like a GPS. It gives the product the ability to determine the areas that need to be cleaned, as well as those that were already cleaned. It seems to have its own mind, as it keeps a memory of the layout of the entire floor area, knowing where to go as it cleans.

If you want to clean a large area, there is no need to worry as this cleaner can clean as much as 800 square feet and can mop floor area extending to 250 square feet.

The cleaning and dusting cloths that are used by the machine can be attached with ease. You simply need to flip the mouthpiece that is located on the front and have the edges of the cloth shoved into the two slits. When the product is purchased, it already comes with a cloth for dusting and another one for mopping.

In addition, it is also important to mention in this Evolution Robotics 4200 review that the product has a compact design. This means that if you have low furniture at your house, you can be sure that the floor will still be swept and mopped as it can go under low areas, without any sign of difficulty.

In sum, if you are looking for an innovative product that will help you keep your floors clean, as it has also been claimed in many Evolution Robotics 4200 customer reports, this is the perfect solution for your needs.

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