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Eva-Dry EDV-1100 Dehumidifier Review

Are you tired of moldy walls or the occasions that you have breathing difficulties? Have your clothes and family heirlooms damaged by mildew? Well, perhaps its about time to put your money into a really good dehumidifier. For a small space like a musty closet or damp bathroom, I would highly recommend the Eva-dry EDV-1100! This dehumidifier is quite popular among the masses and it is not hard to see why.

Mini But Mighty Useful

The dehumidifier’s size makes it convenient to use in tight spaces and is ideally for enclosures that are less than 500 sq. ft. At home, I have one in my bathroom (which will not dry up otherwise even though it has an exhaust fan installed) but you can put this almost every where like in the closet or under the table in your office. Despite its small size, the dehumidifier is powerful enough and work very efficiently in keeping things dry. My used-to-be damp bathroom was able to dry up after running the dehumidifier for a couple of hours.

The Eva-dry EDV-1100 store the collected water in a 16 oz spill proof reservoir. A light will turn on, indicating the reservoir needs some attention from you. It will shut down to avoid overflowing water so you will not need to worry about it so much. This is especially useful for someone like me, someone who is always forgetful about taking the water out. Alternatively, if you feel like its a waste to just throw the water away, you can always water your plants with it. A lady did this and her plants seemed fine and is probably flourishing.

Quiet Operation

The Eva-dry EDV-1100 operates rather quietly. This is because it works on the Peltier Technology which means it does not use a compressor. So, by eliminating the compressor, no mechanical hums will intrude your day. I have not really noticed this fact since my bathroom is outside my bedroom so I barely notice it (perhaps it is intended to be a well functioning wallpaper). However, my boss does have the same unit in her office so I do think that the dehumidifier is very quiet, or at least quiet enough, if she can do her work while the thing is running its cycle.

No-Sweat Set Up

With this dehumidifier, your D.I.Y skills will not be required as all you need to do is plug the machine in and it is ready to go. The digital controls on the Eva-dry EDV-1100 makes it very easy to maneuver around that you will probably will not need the operation manual.

No Major Complaints

Admittedly, the reservoir tank could have been a little bit bigger but it will do for its dehumidifying capability. However, I personally think that it is easier to manage a smaller reservoir tank because it is easier to carry out and thus avoiding any spillage.

The only major complaint was that it does not last long despite the fact that the unit had been maintained well with no accidents or misuse. At most, the Eva-dry EDV-1100 will last for 2 years according to most reviewers. Some owners had also reported that their units gave up on them a little after the warranty periods had lapsed. Regardless of this fact, each and every one of them said that they were really happy with the dehumidifier’s contribution.

Weighing about 3lbs. the compact factor of the Eva-dry EDV-1100 allows it to be slipped into any small space. For a dehumidifier this small, it packs a lot of punch in doing what it intends to do. Click the link for the best price on this dehumidifier for your home:

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White
2455 Reviews
Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White
  • Whisper Technology, No Compressor
  • Renewable reservoir
  • Compact size is perfect for bathrooms, closets, and R.V.s
  • Low energy consumption
  • Eliminates odors and Fungus

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