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Elite Fitness Inversion Table Review

Elite Fitness Inversion Table ReviewI have had lower back problems for years and I finally talked to a few people about it. More than one of my friends said that they had had the same problems that I was describing and they told me that an inversion table would probably help me a lot. It did! I bought the Elite Fitness Inversion Table about three months ago and it has worked great for me. I am sleeping better and it is much easier to sit at the computer at work for me now. When I looked around I found the Elite Fitness Inversion Table and it was not as expensive as some of the others I saw, but it had some good ratings so I chose to give it a shot.

When it got to my house I was excited to see how it worked out so I put it together right away. It took me almost an hour, which I don’t think is bad at all. The instructions for the Elite Fitness Inversion Table were easy to read and understand, it even had pictures and the assembly was not missing any pieces. The mesh back on the Elite Fitness Inversion Table is very breathable and comfy to rest against. I don’t get back sweat or anything so I think that is a great feature.

There is also a headrest on the Elite Fitness Inversion Table that you can take off if you do not want to use it, but it is very comfortable so I keep it on pretty much all the time. It is also pretty easy to adjust the height on it if you have more than one person using it. There are three different positions that you can lock in into, which I think is probably great for people with different back problems or even age issues. The ankle straps that hold you in place are nice and soft and have not left any marks or anything on my legs so far. The handles are also pretty easy to reach and hold onto.

It was only a couple of days before I knew that the Elite Fitness Inversion Table was definitely helping me with my back problems. As soon as I invert myself on it I can feel my spine and the muscles in my back stretching and lining up the way they should. I almost never feel that old soreness that I used to put up with every single day, and I only have to use it for a few minutes a day. I think the Elite Fitness Inversion Table is worth every dime.

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