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Different types of Baby Strollers

Baby strollers are necessary things to possess by every single parent nowadays. There are various kind baby strollers available out in the market. But all of them can be counted in below mentioned types of the strollers. Different sizes and styles are available for these baby strollers and they also come in many designs.

As we start sharing the reviews and necessary guidelines regarding the various baby strollers, it will be a great idea for you to first familiarize with various types of baby strollers. Below you can find out the listed chart of baby strollers that will help you understand to make the choice according to your needs.

Mainly the strollers are present in six types. Car seat stroller frames

1. Standard Size Strollers

The strollers will always come with the feature of reclining the seats in different positions. There are sun shades present along with the storage facilities in the back or under the seat area. The facing of the passenger might also be different in different strollers, in some strollers, the baby is facing forward direction wherein some strollers have baby facing toward the parent.

2. Travel System Strollers

These kind of strollers are pricey than rest stroller frame types. Also Travel System Stroller are more heavy and large in size than that you normally use for infant baby. Once the baby has outgrown to the size of the stroller frames, you might find travel system stroller much useful.

3. Double and Triple Strollers

These kind of strollers are very useful for the parents who are having two or more children. Double and triple strollers can easily carry two or three children on it. There is more than one seats arrangement for babies in double and triple strollers. Parents don’t need to worry about carrying individual stroller for each baby.

You can get more information on double strollers with our ‘A Basic Guide to Double Stroller‘

4. Car seat stroller frames

Easily foldable and take less storage space anywhere. The lightweight frames are made up of metals which provide them strength. Such lightweight frames can carry specific type of car seats. You can easily take out the seats and put in the base in the car. These kind of strollers are very convenient that let you carry baby easily to the car seat.

5. Tandem Strollers

These kind of strollers are usually used to push more than one child at once. There is arrangement of adding extra platform behind baby’s seat. This kind of facility is very useful where and older sibling can sit behind the infant baby. Sometimes there is also a platform where an older sibling can stand behind the seat of younger one. You can easily take these on the walk and seats are comfortable for both the siblings.

6. Lightweight Strollers

These are simple and lightweight strollers. As the weight of such strollers is around 12 pounds or sometimes they are even lighter than it, these are lightweight strollers. Lightweight strollers aren’t suitable for the infant babies as there is no head support for the baby and also the seats don’t tend to be recline fully.

7. Jogging Strollers

Joggings strollers are lightweight and provide excellent and smoother rides while you are on jogging. As the name suggests, you can take these on jogging and these will be running smoothly on the roads due to presence of bicycle wheels on it. Also lightweight frames are present which make the body of the stroller. With all these features, these strollers can be carried perfectly on the longer rides during walks as well as runs. But there is also negative side for these kind of strollers, due to big bicycle wheels and larger size of strollers, you might find it hard to maneuver these on the stairs. The large size of wheels also becomes disadvantage when you are going to fold the stroller. It is recommended that you should not carry infant baby which doesn’t have control over head unless the stroller has proper adjustable seat that can recline.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the different types of baby strollers, which completes the first step successfully in finding out baby stroller of your need.

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