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DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw Review

DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw ReviewNot only carpenters need efficient and reliable circular saw. Even huge industrial companies and small establishments also need to have this stuff. However, a wide variety of brands and models of circular saw affects the preferences of the consumers. If you are one of them, you have to evaluate every model to understand its real features.

One of the best circular saws today is DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw. This unit has exclusive stern pivoting point to organize a depth of sever while keeping your hands safe behind the device. This heavy-duty type has a powerful 15.0 amp motor and aluminum alloy support. This equipment was designed by professional carpenters to meet the needs and demands of users.

Having this heavy-duty circular saw is simple because you can find this in any shop, both in online and local stores. This device has an actual cost of $165.99 with free shipment charges. As a buyer, you can also have a chance to avail its 5-year warranty services and other incentives.

Product Features

Everyone feels great in having DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw. But what makes this equipment the number one choice? Well, this unit offers unlimited features such as the following:

  • Rear pivot depth of cut regulation that allows your hand to linger behind the device at all depth of cuts.
  • It has a 15 amp and 2,075 MWO motor that consists of long-life features.
  • High-strength and heavy-weight aluminum alloy support for improved durability on worksite.
  • Electric brake that stops the blade after using
  • 50-degree beveling capacity that increases capacity in numerous applications
  • Heavy-duty kit box for effective transporting and storing purposes
  • Has a dimension of 15.9 x 14.4 x 9.4 inches with 19.2 pounds of weight


Getting the best circular saw unit is quite difficult, especially when you are not aware of its features and applications. Though there are different brands and units of circular saws, what are the reasons why people keep on patronizing DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw? They are as follows:

  • The unit is very easy to use due to its simple button and application
  • It has durable and reliable parts.
  • This type of circular saw has a great performance
  • This unit has a warranty
  • Made up of durable materials for long lasting use


  • This device also has few drawbacks, but are easy to manage. Some customers find it hard in operating the unit. If you are one of them, simply read its manual carefully or view some demonstration videos online.

Customer Reviews and Scores

DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Out of 38 reviews, 28 of them ranked the item with 5 stars, 6 with 4 stars and 2 with 2 stars. These scores show that most users find it more satisfying and effective as compared to others.


Start experiencing the best and quality features of DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw now! With its extensive benefits, you can easily use this item without any worries.

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