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DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw Review

DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw ReviewProfessional circular saw allows you to create various stuffs such as dormers, wood decks, kitchen cabinets, bookcases and more. Whether you are a carpenter or not, you have to get a high quality one such as the DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw. This unit provides cordless convenience without sacrificing its performance and power. Its 18-volt battery runs the saw’s thin-kerfs cutting edge at 3,700 rates per minute. With its durable features, you can easily use this stuff without doing any complicated procedures.

The price of DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw often differs depending on your chosen supplier. Some are expensive, while others are not. The usual cost of this unit is $164.56 with no shipment charges. As part of the manufacturer’s promotion, this unit also covers three-year warranty services for any defective part or workmanship and one-year free services.

Product Features

The major tactic in identifying the efficiency of the unit is through product comparison. To do this, weighing the different features of circular saws is a must. Here are the different features of the product:

  • High power magnesium shoe and effective upper guard that provide advance durability
  • Has 3,700 rates per minute for quick cross and rip cuts
  • Bevel capacity of 0-50 that offers extra capacity for various application
  • 6 ½ inch carbide tipped cutting edge that gives dual cutting capacity at 45 and 90 degree
  • Fan-cooled motor with disposable brushes for durability and maximum power
  • With XRP extended operating-time batteries that offer long-run battery life


DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw offers various benefits to users, making it one of the most in demand models in the market. These benefits include the following:

  • This unit has great power and performance as compared to other units
  • Extended battery life system that promotes long-lasting services
  • Inclusive warranty services for better function of the unit and avoid defective parts
  • With cost-effective rates and free shipment costs
  • Readable operational manual for handling the unit properly


  • With the increasing rates of imitated units, buyers find it hard in distinguishing the authentic from the fraud devices. To avoid any imitated or low quality items, make sure that you examine every item and only depend on trusted dealers.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Reading reviews gives enough details about your selected items. DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw received an Amazon rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Out of 25 reviews, 14 ranked the device with 5 stars, 6 with 4 stars, 3 with 3 stars and 1 with one star. These ratings and reviews signify that this circular saw was able to satisfy the users.


Transform your working scheme with DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw. This unit has top of the line features making it perform effectively. Once you have this device, expect that you will be able to work well smoothly. So, why don’t you get this unit now and see it for yourself? You will surely not regret it.

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