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Delonghi DD50P Dehumidifier Review

The Delonghi dehumidifier – Delonghi DD50P is a versatile 50 pint dehumidifier. Delonghi dehumidifier – Delonghi DD50P receives user rating inline with the best dehumidifiers in he market. The Delonghi Dehumidifier – Delonghi DD50P is suitable for almost any room in the home as well as average size basements.

The Delonghi dehumidifier DD50P is from a line of dehumidifiers for homes made by a world leader of innovative appliances for the house.

Users rate the Delonghi Dehumidifier – Delonghi DD50P among the best dehumidifiers due to its effectiveness. It has environmentally friendly functions, and has a display panel that makes it easy to use.

Delonghi dehumidifier – Delonghi DD50P Features:

Patented Pump Function – The patented put function makes it easy for you because it gives the choice of triggering the pump for continuous release of accumulated moisture through a 16’ hose that comes with the unit. This feature allows you to turn the unit on, set it at the desired humidity level and not have to constantly check to see if the water containers are full. With the hose leading to a drain or sump pump you never have to empty water containers

3 choices of disposing of collected water – Alowing you three choices of how to dispose of the collected water is what makes the Delonghi dehumidifier DD50P so versatile

  • The patented water pump as described above
  • Allowing it to drain out using the 3” hose provided with the unit
  • Emptying the collected water by hand using the internal water buckets with handles

Transparent water tanks – Unlike many models the delonghi DD50P has transparent water tanks located toward the front of the unit making it easy to see the water levels of the collection bucket.

24 hour timer – This is a set it and forget it unit with a 24 hour timer.

LCD electronic controls – Delonghi dehumidifier DD50P makes it easy to monitor temperature as well as relative humidity with its lcd electronic controls

Energy-Star qualified – Energy efficient and saves on energy bills so you can save on energy bills

Contains the refrigerant R410A – refrigerant R410A does not contribute to ozone depletion

Flexibility – You are able to control the humidity level that best fits your needs with easy to humidistat

Washable filter can be rinsed when it gets dirty for easy maintenance
Other features included with the Delonghi dehumidifier DD50P includes roll castors for easy movement of dehumidifier, handles for lifting or carrying, 2 fan speed settings, and tank control system with alarm

User ratings are very high of the dehumidifier effectiveness and ease of use. The built in pump seems to be one of the main factors in user high satisfaction which allows the dehumidifier to be essentially self sufficient once it is turned on. The built in pump was the key feature of this product for me

Pros and Cons of the Delonghi dehumidifier DD50P

  1. Very affordable prices with free shipping
  2. Easy to use
  3. Self sufficient
  1. Fan has two speeds and can seem loud if located in bedroom or TV room

Conclusion on the Delonghi dehumidifier DD50P

User ratings place The Delonghi dehumidifier DD50P among the best dehumidifiers on the market with important features such as the patented pump that makes it almost self sufficient without user worrying about constantly emptying the collected water. It is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly with the refrigerant R410A.

This Delonghi dehumidifier review shows the Delonghi dd50p to be versatile and effective in most spaces in your home. High users rating on this dehumidifier indicate that it meets manufacturer’s claims of high quality and is highly recommended by us.

DeLonghi DD50P 50 Pt. Energy Star Dehumidifier with Patented Pump
187 Reviews
DeLonghi DD50P 50 Pt. Energy Star Dehumidifier with Patented Pump
  • •Worry-free pump function
  • •LCD electronic controls
  • •Empty water 3 ways: patented pump system, through 3 ft. hose or directly into the tank (7.0 liter capacity)

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