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Danby DDR7009REE 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

The Danby DDR7009REE dehumidifier is high capacity unit, capable of removing 70 pints of water over a 24 hour period. It’s an Energy Star Certified unit, as are all of Danby’s other models starting from the 25 pint capacity unit. Danby is an American company that was founded in 1947 and sells an impressive lineup of compact specialty and home comfort appliances to suit the lifestyles and pockets of everyone.

The Danby DDR7009REE is easy to use and very efficient at lowering humidity levels quickly. Being a large capacity portable unit, it can handle damp spaces up to 3,800 square feet (353 square meters), making it ideal as a home or basement dehumidifier. Its always preferable to get a stronger unit with a little more capacity than you think you’ll need, to avoid having a dehumidifier running all the time because it can’t effectively handle all the moisture in the room or basement.

The DDR7009REE comes with electronic controls, an LED display, and a digital keypad and readout that display the temperature and current humidity level in the room as a percentage, while it’s running. This Danby dehumidifier has a very wide range for its humidity settings, from 30 to 90%, has an adjustable humidistat which allows increments of 5%, giving you a lot of flexibility in setting your comfort level. The recommended best setting is between 45% and 50% which helps prevent condensation, mold growth and mildew.

The Danby DDR7009REE will auto restart in case the power goes out. When it comes back on it returns to a default setting of 60% humidity and a low fan speed. So you’ll need to go and re-program the settings you had previously set. The Danby 70 pint dehumidifier has an auto-defrost feature that enables the unit to operate at temperatures as low as 41°F. The main purpose of auto-defrost is to protect the unit from damage. A sensor detects the formation of ice on the cold coil and turns off the compressor, the heart of the refrigeration process. The fan keeps running and the flow of ambient air melts the ice. This will help increase the lifespan of the dehumidifier.

The DDR7009REE comes equipped with a remote control which is a really nice bonus and is effective at ranges of up to 16 feet from the unit. With it you can adjust the fan speed, turn the unit on or off, display the temperature, set the timer, and set the humidity levels. Although the Danby DDR7009REE Dehumidifier weighs 43 lbs it is relatively easy to move around thanks to its four caster wheels that allow you to roll it from room to room as well as two side carry handles which make it easier for two people to lift it to other floors or the basement of your home.

When the water container is full the DDR7009 will alert you when a red indicator light comes on. The unit has two options to remove water out of the 14.2 pint collection container, located in the front, so you can pull it out really easily, or you can drain the water from the back with a hose. The Danby dehumidifier allows you to screw a standard garden hose into the back and feed it to a drainage pipe in your floor if you have one. The DDR7009REE comes with a small hose.

Danby DDR7009REE Product Features and Functions

  • Creates a comfortable environment with its programmable humidity settings
  • Energy Star rated for low energy costs.
  • Digital built-in Humidistat
  • Auto Restart after power outages.
  • Auto De-Icer with defrost indicator
  • Programmable, Digital Controls with LED display and remote control.
  • Dimensions (W, H, Depth): 15 4/16&Prime x 23 10/16&Prime x 11 2/16&Prime
  • Weight: 43lbs. Wattage: 770 watts
  • Uses non-ozone depleting refrigerant to cool its coils
  • Air filter to trap large particles
  • Direct Drain option with 6.5 ft. of hose included or can work with standard garden hose.

The Good

  • The Danby DDR7009REE can pull 324 cubic meters of air through it and extract 70 pints of water in 24 hours.
  • Can operate at temperatures as low as 41F (5C) and de-ice itself
  • Has a digital readout plus a remote control allowing you to set the humidity levels from 30 to 90% in 5% increments.
  • It’s an Energy Star Certified dehumidifier that can save you between 10 to 20% on energy bills.
  • Danby offers a 2 year warranty which is good for dehumidifiers.
  • Relatively light weight and compact. The DDR7009REE weighs 43.4 pounds and is about 2 feet tall and 15 inches wide so that you can easily fit it discreetly into any room.
  • Unit comes with an easy to connect hose to automatically drain the water

The Bad

  • Only 2 fan speeds. An extra speed option would be nice.
  • A relatively noisy dehumidifier according to some users. If the noise is intrusive there is a lower fan speed available so you can trade some of the power for a quieter operation.
  • Relatively small (14.2 pint) collection container, though you do have the option of the drainage hose.


The Danby DDR7009REE combines high quality, effective humidity control and a range of useful features in a dehumidifier which is both affordable and easy to live with and seems to do nearly everything well.

Some users reported problems with the continuous drain feature but Danby seems to have corrected this problem. Several owners say the unit is a bit noisy while others found it less noisy than their previous dehumidifier. Most reviews from users were very positive as can be seen from the 4 out of 5 star ratings that it gets at Amazon.

Overall the Danby DDR7009REE is one of the best room dehumidifiers on the market and an excellent choice as a basement dehumidifier, so we are pleased to recommend it to our website visitors.

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Arctic Aire ADR70B1G 70 Pint Dehumidifier
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  • For areas up to 4500 square feet
  • LED Display with Electronic Controls
  • Direct drain operation for continuous operation
  • Removable Air Filter

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