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Danby DDR7009REE 70 pint Dehumidifier Review

Along with the Frigidaire FAD704DUD, the Danby DDR7009REE ranks head to head for the best dehumidifier crown, capable of removing up to 70 pints of moisture from the air per day.

This unit is therefore ideal for larger homes, especially humid climates, damp basements and flooded rooms. Despite its large capacity, the DDR7009REE uses a surprisingly low amount of energy and is thus Energy Star compliant, leading to benefits for both the environment and your elecricity bill.

Danby has also incorporated some more cutting edge features over and above those of older models, including an automatic shut off which ensures that your unit is only in use when it is required, and an innovative auto dry function which allows the unit to remain clean with no work on your part.

The Danby DDR7009REE 70 Pint Dehumidifier has:

  • Digital controls with LED display
  • Pre-programmed humidity levels for quick, easy dehumidifying
  • Remote control for access anywhere in the house
  • Maximum area 3800 square feet

The Danby DDR7009REE has been favored in recent years by those who are looking for the best dehumidifier alternative for a Frigidaire or DeLonghi unit. Many of the positive reviews touch upon the energy saving aspects of the DDR7009REE compared to older dehumidifiers of similar capacity. This can be attributed to advances in technology increasing efficiency as well as the increased focus on energy efficiency as a goal in and of itself, due to the increasing environmental awareness that we have today. It is hard for me to comment on the long term functionality of this unit as I have only been able to test it for a week, however there are dozens of customers on both amazon and consumer reports who are impressed with the auto dry function of the DDR7009REE, since many of their previous best dehumidifiers have succumbed to the effects of excess moisture within the unit: bacteria growths, mould and rust being the main culprits. The auto dry function greatly mitigates these often detrimental problems. A very clever idea from Danby.

In terms of the raw moisture eliminating power of the Danby DDR7009REE, my opinion is that it is slightly superior to its Frigidaire counterpart, however the difference is negligible when you consider that both dehumidifiers will detect a certain pre-programmed level of humidity and switch off when that level is reached. This means that the only real issue to compare is the time it takes the unit to remove moisture from the air. Whichever unit you choose, the same effect will be reached, but units that take longer will generally use more power and cost you more in the long run, though, to be honest, if the unit is Energy Star compliant, the difference on your electricity bill would probably be measured in cents, not dollars. Overall, the Danby DDR7009REE is up there with the very best dehumidifiers from the bigger brands, and some users actually go as far as to say that this unit is the best they have ever owned. Unfortunately these reviewers have had to learn the hard way – many dehumidifiers, a lot of money and decades of trial and error. (This is one reason I made this site, if only to recommend only the very best dehumidifier like the DDR7009REE and to ignore the duds. Remember, if I haven’t reviewed a dehumidifier it is probably because it didn’t meet the quality standards I set so that you can avoid bad purchases, but if you feel that I’ve missed one, then please contact me and I will get on it straight away.)

Of course, as with the vast majority of high ticket appliances, there are bound to be some functionality problems in a few cases. Nonetheless, in the case of dehumidifiers in general, I am quite bewildered that we can read hundreds of absolutely stellar dehumidifier reviews singing praises from the rooftops, yet at the same time we find that a few customers have awful experiences. To me, it just doesn’t make sense. Digging deeper into the bad dehumidifier reviews, I see breaks caused by a surge in current just after a power outage – not necessarily the manufacturer’s fault, but there could be some sort of warning in the manual or internal protection against this, given that power outages are pretty common. Aside from this, I can only guess that problems are caused either during shipping or during moving the dehumidifier to a new area of the house, particularly down steep steps as is often the case with basements. And one last issue that you might wish to note, the DDR7009REE is quite loud. I wouldn’t put it in my bedroom while I’m trying to get to sleep, put it that way. It’s not extremely loud, but definitely not quiet either.

As of Fall 2011, the Danby DDR7009REE is still available at selected retailers, however it has been discontinued by the manufacturer which means that additional parts will most likely not be possible, even if you have purchased with a warranty. As such, proceed with caution. If you are still set on the Danby DDR7009REE, or wish to read all 60 reviews in full, please see the link at the bottom of this page, otherwise see our dehumidifier review for another 70 pint capacity unit, the Frigidaire FAD704DUD.

Danby DDR70B3WP Dehumidifier, 70 pint, White
58 Reviews
Danby DDR70B3WP Dehumidifier, 70 pint, White
  • 70 Pint Capacity for 24 Hours
  • For Areas up to 4500 Square Feet depending on conditions
  • Energy Star compliant
  • 2 Fan Speeds
  • Auto Restart Feature

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