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Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress Review

Choosing the right crib mattress for your little one is usually a last-minute thought for some parents. However, it is important that you look for a suitable mattress that will keep your child safe and comfortable while sleeping in his crib. You need to make sure that the mattress fits perfectly, not too soft or too firm, and has hypoallergenic properties that add to your child’s comfort. Fortunately, all of these features are found in the Eco Classica I crib mattress by Colgate, which makes it a great buy for all parents.

Firm and Comfortable

Colgate is renowned for their top-quality foam mattresses, so it is not a surprise that this eco-version of the mattress beats the competition. For anyone who is concerned about finding a firm mattress for an infant, then this product is a great option. It supports your child’s developing bones and aids in preventing SIDS.

Eco-Friendly and Toxic-Free

Aside from ensuring your child’s comfort while sleeping, it is also important that you look for a mattress that does not contain toxins to ensure your baby’s health. The Eco Classica I is made with plant oils and other natural materials, which make it safe for your little one. In addition, it comes with a damask cloth cover with waterproof features and wet-proof backing for easy cleanup.

Meets Strict Standards

This crib mattress by Colgate passes all stringent state and federal requirements for chemical composition and flammability. It is also certified by Green Guard, so you can be sure that it does not have any harmful air emissions.

Who Would Buy the Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress?

The dual firmness crib mattress by Colgate is an outstanding choice for your baby. With the unparalleled firmness and durability of this mattress, you can ensure your child’s peaceful sleep for hours. This product is certainly something worth considering if you need a mattress that is hypoallergenic, flame retardant and safe for your baby.


This crib mattress consists of foam that is made of plant oils to replace petroleum-based oil used in regular mattresses. The eco-foam is also widely recommended by medical experts, which make this product a great buy for you. Moreover, this product has cloth binding that maintain the strength and durability of its seams.


Initially, some people may think that this mattress is too firm for their baby, which could turn them off initially. However, its firmness makes it the ideal option for your baby because it prevents suffocation and back issues common with standard mattresses out there.

Value for Your Money

Overall, the Eco Classica I is an excellent investment for your needs. You will appreciate the fact that it fits your child’s crib well, and it is not prone to foul smells because of its hypoallergenic features. There is nothing that you will dislike about this mattress, which makes it a great buy for your child.

Colgate Eco Classica I - Natural Foam Crib Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Beige
46 Reviews
Colgate Eco Classica I - Natural Foam Crib Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Beige
  • Standard size orthopedic style five inch thick lightweight (8 lbs.) foam crib mattress fits all standard size cribs and toddler beds
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. The toughest GREENGUARD standard - passes all standards for indoor air quality and more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds
  • Ecologically friendlier high quality, safe CertiPUR-US certified foam made with plant oils replacing much of the petroleum based oils used to make foam
  • Damask cloth sleep surface cover with a waterproof backing puts cloth closest to baby
  • Easy sheet changes due to extra light weight of only 8 pounds

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