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Coast HP7 251 Lumens High Led Flashlight

sdCoast HP7 251 Lumens is a great LED flashlight to use in almost every situation; from household usage, in the warehouse and garage, during emergency or in the car, and for supporting law enforcement tasks. It also has long running time even in continuous usage or in high brightness setting. The flashlight is also durable and water resistant, perfect for outdoor activities.

First Look

Coast HP7 is less than 13 ounce weighed with ergonomic grip, and coated with black aluminum that makes it light but strong as well as rustproof. It also has hard, unbreakable LED and O Ring to give water resistant quality.


This LED flashlight has several specific features for great performance:

  • • Low light output of 58 lumens and high output of 250 lumens give maximum performance at every light setting.
  • • Double focus adjustment system for both spot and wide beams.
  • • Flawless focus system that produces spot beam without creating dark rings.
  • • Bulls Eye spot beam system that creates outer light ring while the flashlight is in spot beam mode, enables you to see other areas outside the one that becomes your focus.
  • • Beam locking system, locking the beam at a fixed position for better focus.
  • • 642 feet (196 meters) of beam focus range.
  • • Four AAA batteries included.

Customer Reviews

Coast HP7 got positive reviews from most customers; from outdoor adventurers to home users and law enforcement officers. The flashlight has long running hours, and flexible yet accurate focus adjustment system helps illuminating objects and places with various conditions. Some complained about using four batteries each time the flashlight needs battery replacement, but since AAA batteries are cheap and easy to obtain, this just considered as minor problem.

Coast HP7 is an LED flashlight that gives maximum brightness and performance under various conditions.

Coast HP7TAC High Performance Focusing 251 Lumen LED Flashlight with Tactical Strobe
74 Reviews
Coast HP7TAC High Performance Focusing 251 Lumen LED Flashlight with Tactical Strobe
  • Light output: High-251-Lumens; Low-58-Lumens, and has a strobe setting.
  • Runtime: High-5-Hours 45 minutes; Low-10-Hours
  • Beam distance: High-196-meters (642 -Feet); Low-66-meters (216 -Feet)
  • Impact and water resistant aluminum casing; 5.54-Inch length
  • 4 AAA-Cell batteries are included to allow for immediate use

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