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Chef’s Choice 120 Knife Sharpener

  • index– Very quick
  • – Diamond Abrasives
  • – Fine grit
  • – Three stages offer versatilityCons
  • – Unsuitable for high-end knives


The Chef’s Choice 120 breaks down into three stages: The first stage is for very dull or damaged knives; stage two is for routine sharpening; and the final stage is for a good hone and polish.

Each stage features left and right slot to ensure that your knife is sharpened properly on each side. This eliminates a whole lot of guesswork on your part and makes life a whole lot easier – especially if you’re as lazy as the rest of us!

Its first stage has diamond abrasive wheels, which is a really good sign of quality. You will notice that the more expensive electric knife sharpeners all feature diamond abrasives, and put simply this is because diamond is the best grinding material on the planet. Not only that, but it is extremely durable. This goes some way to justifying the 120′s retail price of $130 as, unlike cheaper models that have don’t feature diamond abrasive, this is guaranteed to last you for years.

A good investment.The second stage is for more routine sharpening and honing, and the therefore the stage that you will be getting the most use out of. Again, this features diamond wheels but these are of a finer grit, meaning it is a far less coarse stage and more appropriate for general knife maintenance.The third and final stagemicrobevels and strops your knife edge. This will remove any burrs from your blade edge, as well as give it a really nice finish and incredibly sharp edge. If you want to sharpen a serrated knife then this will be the stage to do it at, which is a great feature as not all electric knife sharpeners will allow you to do this.

A really nice touch from Chef’s Choice is the inclusion of a dressing switch on the back of the sharpener. This will reshape and clean the honing discs on stage three.

Another nice feature is the removable magnet at the base of the sharpener, which helps you clean all of the loose metal shavings out from inside the machine. Easy.


The Chef’s Choice 120 is designed to be easy to use, and it is just that. As mentioned before, the guided and angled slots at each stage remove a lot of the chance for error on your part. It is also quick, which owes a lot to the diamond abrasive wheels. It only requires two or three pulls through each slot to create a sharp knife edge.

The 120 is known for being a bit too rough on high-end knives, which should quite rightly be a concern for those of you who own expensive cutlery and knife sets. However, this knife sharpener is certainly not designed for use with these kind valuable of items, and you should always take them to a professional for sharpening.

In Conclusion

The Chef’s Choice 120 is a fantastic knife sharpener that while expensive and high performance enough to be seen as an item for the more serious of you culinary craftsmen, it is easy and simple enough to use to be accessible to everyone.

Plus, if black appliances aren’t your thing then it’s also available in white.

Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener, White
688 Reviews
Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener, White
  • Three-stage precision sharpening
  • Works for gourmet chef's knives, butcher knives, sporting knives, serrated knives
  • 100 percent diamond abrasive will never detemper
  • Unique Trizor-Plus edge provides greater sharpness and durability
  • Three-year household warranty

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