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Char-Broil 11201677 Electric Vertical Smoker Review

Char-Broil 11201677 Electric Vertical Smoker ReviewIf you’re looking for a dependable smoker that is capable of the big jobs, in a small package you’re in the right place. Char-broil, the company we know and trust for our grilling and cooking needs, built the Char-Broil 11201677 Electric Vertical Smoker, small enough for use in the home. They have been an A+ rated BBB registered company for over 25 years. The quality of their products is top-notch, a leader in grilling and smoking technology.

The Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker brings the high quality name to a smoker, small enough to smoke meat in your garage, or on your patio.The best bits about this vertical smoker:

  • Adjustable height racks allow for multiple cooking levels
  • Double-walled interior helps insulate and maintain constant temperature inside
  • Magnetic strips helps keep the door shut

Construction and Appearance

This smoker brings smoking to a different level, smoking meat is a breeze with this vertical standing smoker. It is designed to blend in, constructed of light-weight durable steel, with a beautiful black finish, and chrome accent. There is an internal temperature gauge on the door, allowing you to, determine cook time, and adjust temperature if needed. This unit doesn’t include a viewing window, you’ll have to manually open the door to check your meat.

Internal Cooking Capacity

The Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker includes 3 adjustable chrome-plated steel cooking racks that provides a whooping 504 sq. in. cooking space. That gives plenty of options for smoking several types or pieces of meat during the same smoking session.

Technical Specifications

1500 watts of electrical power is required to heat this smoker. A 110v outlet is all that is required, rest assured the electrical draw is minimal. The smoker is capable of reaching 400 degrees, but ideal smoking is much lower. Three heat settings allow you to control the temperature of your smoking session. The external thermometer will allow you to accurately judge the inside temperature, and adjust accordingly.

A large removable porcelain dish included, to hold wood chips, and water. An additional porcelain dish included for catching ash. The simple function of this smoker doesn’t require much attention, no fancy remote controls, or elaborate settings. Keeping things simple, as Char-broil has for the several decades. A magnetic latch makes for easy opening, and assures the heat and moisture stay inside for proper smoking.


The easy design allows quick and easy assembly of this smoker. A full assembly is required, but most of the parts are the panels and the door, so it is quick to assemble. The average assembly time is 45-60 minutes, probably half of that if you’re mechanically skilled. A step-by-step instruction manual includes detailed assembly diagrams. The hardware pack will include what you need to assemble it, but your own tools may make it faster.

There is a highly detailed troubleshooting guide, if you have any issues with the heating elements, or the smoker powering up. Char-Broil has a toll-free help line, for folks having trouble with assembly, or troubleshooting.


The removable cast iron cooking grates allow quick and easy cleaning. The porcelain dishesare easily removed for cleaning, and are dishwasher safe. They collect ash and hold the wood chips, empty them before you wash them.

Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker Dimensions

The overall outside dimensions are 17.5 inches long by 20 inches wide, and the height is 37.8 inches tall with the legs on.

Customer Reviews

Many customers commented on how the design makes it easy to rotate the meat, refill the wood chips, and check the water tray. Owners rave about how easy it is to assemble. However, there were a few who complained about the dents when they first received the package, so it’s more like a shipping issue. That or you have a defective product, either way you can it replaced.


The electrical design makes the smoker easy to use without the need of fire like traditional smokers. Easily removable cooking racks make for supreme smoking flexibility. The vertical design is space-saving, and easy to load. Heavy duty construction makes an extremely durable smoker. The external temperature display gauge allows you to control the heat at all times. Flexible heat settings allow for flexible smoking speed.

The Lightweight, durable material allows easy transport and movement. Long power cord gives flexibility for plug-in location. Extension cord capable, if the provided cord doesn’t meet required length. Large porcelain wood chip dish allows for several hours of smoking before checking water and wood chip levels. Affordable smoker, allows an economical way to smoke at home.


Assembly for some users proves difficult, despite the detailed instruction manual and toll-free help line. Outdoor use only, though a well ventilated garage or patio would work great. Some claims have reported a less smoky flavor compared to fire smokers. The lack of a see through window to watch your food cook might be an issue for some folks.

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