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LED Flashlight Types and Sizes for Different Uses

Around 20 years ago, flashlight only appeared in state of the art companies or institutions such as the bank, crime scene lab and military base. This flashlight was often considered something that civilians did not carry, unless they were outdoor adventurers. Now, many people from housewives to business people use …

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Streamlight Tactical Light

Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and trekking often put people in rather risky conditions, weather, and of course, dark surroundings when the dusk comes. Streamlight tactical light is the tool to help you in doing outdoor activities in a safer and more convenient way. For any activities that require …

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Guides in Buying LED Flashlight

Do you need an LED flashlight? Before you head to the store and grab the biggest or cheapest LED flashlight there, you must know that choosing a good LED flashlight is not just about the price, but also other important factors. LED flashlights are usually more expensive than regular flashlight, …

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Coast HP7 251 Lumens High Led Flashlight

Coast HP7 251 Lumens is a great LED flashlight to use in almost every situation; from household usage, in the warehouse and garage, during emergency or in the car, and for supporting law enforcement tasks. It also has long running time even in continuous usage or in high brightness setting. …

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Rechargeable or Regular Batteries

From various brands of LED flashlights out there, Maglite flashlight is hailed as one of the best. It is durable, not breaking easily, and the smallest type of flashlight to create brighter beam than that of some traditional flashlights with bigger sizes. While some people think that Maglite spends large …

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