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GolfBuddy World GPS Review

The GolfBuddy World GPS Range has the most impressive features & unparalleled functions. It can store as much as 40,000 golf courses, and it’s already pre-loaded with other courses from different countries. The latest in the line of golf GPS units from GolfBuddy is the World, which is a slimmer …

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GolfLogix Review

It displays accurate distances to hazards and greens in big numbers. You can even personalize your name on the main screen as a security and anti-theft feature. This unit is backed with a 1 year warranty and has a GolfLogix Course Manager software with USB drivers. The GolfLogix GPS by …

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How To Choose A Golf GPS Unit

For those of you who still have not completely decided yet which brand or model to choose in a Golf GPS, you have come to the right place. We are here today to help you find what you should have in your Golf GPS unit. This will narrow down the …

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How To Know If You Have The Best Golf GPS

What makes a great Golf GPS? Cut out the unnecessary applications, remove the feature lengtheners and break it down to its ultimate operation and what should be left of it? A good Golf GPS should have all of the basic and important functions for it to be truly useful. It …

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Izzo Golf Swami 3000 Review

The Izzo Golf Swami 3000 can really get you swinging. It is one of the simplest golf GPS units to use. It’s very fast, gives accurate measurements, and the price is really cheap. There are many great tools on the market to help golfers improve their games. One of those …

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