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Exercise & Fitness

Bike Frame Materials

Bike frames have mostly been made of steel. Steel has a number of advantages but also some disadvantages. If you are prepared to pay for it, you can get a lighter and better bike. Here is an overview of bike frame materials. Recumbent bike frames are not as standardized as …

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Bike Brake Overview

One of the most important parts of your bike is the braking system. Without working brakes you would soon get into big trouble. Keeping your brakes in best shape is important. Fortunately, it is also relatively easy. Here is short bike brake overview. Nowadays, you have three popular types of …

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Best Recumbent Bike Reviews

Finding the best exercise bike for you can be difficult. You have a lot of exercise bikes to choose from. The price range is wide so it pays off to compare different offers. Nowadays, exercise bikes come in all shapes and forms. You can also use your outdoor bike as …

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Body Solid EXM2500S Home Gym

As with all of our reviews today we are going to begin by looking at the price, after all this is the determining factor.At the time of writing we found the Body Solid EXM2500S being sold for just a touch under $1250 (£814.22). I think we are in agreement that, …

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Body Solid EXM4000S Home Gym

For anybody who has read through other reviews on our website, you will have no doubt seen other Body Solid products along your way. These include the EXM1500S and the EXM2500S, which are the baby siblings of the Body Solid EXM4000S. Both of the Body Solid home gyms mentioned in …

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