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Body Max Gravity Inversion System

Inversion tables have come a long way from being a uncanny option to treat back pains and other related pains to something that is more common nowadays. Maybe hanging upside down, against the force of gravity, made it look a bit weird and wonderful for an exercise activity, but when …

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Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table Review

As you would know, the phenomenon called inversion therapy works on one’s back, supporting the muscles in there, by way of spine decompression as well as elongation. Many started believing in positive effects of undergoing this therapy, which was a good reason for fitness product makers to come up with …

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Elite Fitness Inversion Table Review

I have had lower back problems for years and I finally talked to a few people about it. More than one of my friends said that they had had the same problems that I was describing and they told me that an inversion table would probably help me a lot. …

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FitForm Inversion Table

I was very hesitant to buy the FitForm Inversion Therapy Table by Teeter Hang Ups, or any other inversion table for that matter, until I called and found out how much it would cost me to go to the chiropractor more than once a month. I have had back and …

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