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IRobot Roomba 550/551 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

House cleaning can be very difficult and time consuming. People are always looking for ways to clean with less effort and in no time at all. The technological developments have come to our aid. And for cleaning the floor around the house there have been made impressive breakthroughs. The invention …

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LG HomBot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum

Vacuuming is not one of the greatest pleasures of humankind, that’s for sure. What if you could have your own personal robot to not only do it for you, but do it better than you would have done it yourself? Meet LG HomBot 3.0, a small, yet powerful and ingenious …

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Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner 4200

Do you like sweeping and mopping your floor every day? If not, you may be ready for this handy little robotic floor sweeper. It cannot do everything that Rosie the Robot can do, but it is a good start! The main advantages of the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner include a variety …

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Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner 5200

The Mint Plus 5200 floor cleaner is a sweeping and mopping unit designed for solid floor types like wood, tile, or linoleum. This unit does not employ the use of a vacuum; therefore, there is no noticeable noise emitted. This automatic floor cleaner makes use of dry cleaning cloth pads, …

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MR6550 Rydis Hybrid Robot Vacuum

The MR6550 is a combination vacuum and dry mop cleaner, designed not just to clean and vacuum all flooring types, but also mops hard surfaces, including wood, laminate, vinyl and tile. The MR6550 Moneul robot vacuum cleaner is one of the latest releases in the growing marketplace of robotic cleaners. …

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