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Mobility & Daily Living Aids

Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair Review

The Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair can climb ramps, slopes and access cambers of a low to medium grade. Shoprider brand portable power chairs are a fine combination of portability, style and comfort. Compact features help support the ease of transport and your powerchair will give you years of mobility. The …

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Tips For Buying Wheelchairs

The wheelchairs were designed to replace walking. They are used mostly by physically disabled people who are unable to walk. This disability can be from birth in the form of polio and also due a major accident during a course of life which may force an individual to become handicap …

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Active Care Medalist Power Wheelchair Review

The Active Care Medalist Power Wheelchair sets the bar at a new record height and resets the standards for rear wheel driven power chairs. It has new, modern styling and now has a 350 lb. weight capacity; this one is for the big boys, and girls. The Medalist combines style …

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