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Brinkmann 810-5301-6 Grill And Smoker

91fe94-72316268_1_640Given the fact that grilling is a part of the true American traditions, it comes as no surprise that you can now find any type of grill on the market, from the smallest and most compact ones, to true pieces of art and grandiose technologies. Also, grills come in countless shapes and sizes, powers, depending on one’s personal needs and budget. But no matter the type of grill you will choose, remember you should always try to make the moments spent with your loved ones count. And if you are in the search for a good and affordable charcoal grill, why not try the Brinkmann 810-5301-6 grill and smoker in black?

Fueled by the traditional charcoal, this is a strong yet powerful grill, suitable for all those who want to enjoy the authentic experience of grilling. The best part of charcoal grills is that, unlike the gas-based ones, you will actually have to make the fire yourself, and settle the intensity of the flame “in the old fashion way”, truly proving your cooking skills.

The Brinkmann gas and grill will help you cook up to 23 kilograms of food at once, making it suitable for large family reunions or dinners spent with your entire group of friends. In addition, this gas grill comes with two steel cooking grills garnished with plated chrome, which make the product suitable for all sorts of ingredients, depending on their own cooking time.

Moreover, the product also comes equipped with a thermometer on which you will simply have to set up the perfect cooking temperature, and you will enjoy a quality dish, with all the good nutrients and vitamins. The product’s wooden handles are built strong and extremely thermo-resistant so that you will not burn yourself whenever trying to lift or carry around the gas grill.

Last, but not least, with this item you can also enjoy healthier cooked meals, as this grill also acts like a high performance steamer, turning all of your fresh veggies and meats into true sources of vitamins and nutrients.


  • Two-in-one gas grill and steamer for perfectly cooked meals, including steamed ones
  • Large quantities of food can be cooked at once
  • Exceptional price value of only $75 should you purchase it from Amazon.


With this product there are no weak points which make it an excellent choice for your day-to-day cooking experience, but also when you have to cook large quantities of delicious meals for your loved ones.

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