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Bosch CS5 Circular Saw Review

Bosch CS5 Circular Saw ReviewWhen talking about the best circular saw, Bosch CS5 Circular Saw is a strong contender and known for durability. This circular saw may have bulky design, but it only weighs 10 pounds which can give you ease when carrying and controlling it.

Bosch CS5 Circular Saw’s left-blade design improves line of sight that helps users to have precise cuts. It also has a 9-feet cord which can allow you to move freely while working. This lightweight and easy to carry circular saw is powered by a 15 amperes motor. Also, it features Anti Snag lower guard that will let you cut without having adjustments on guards.

Bosch is a popular company to electronics. This manufacturer has been operating for about a hundred years and still continues as one of the leaders in the industry at present. That’s why Bosch CS5 Circular Saw is good investment for cutting varieties of woods.

Product Features

  • Constructed with an Anti Snag lower guard for easy cutting.
  • It has left-blade deign for clearer vision.
  • Comes with 6200 rpm and a powerful 15 amperes motor.
  • Its bevel capacity is 56 degrees.
  • Features improved design for visibility, durability, and power.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to control and carry.
  • Provides comfort and ease.
  • Powerful and cuts any types of woods.
  • Safe handle.
  • Left-blade design works effectively.


  • No laser guide manual.
  • Kick back during start-ups.
  • The blade spins for about 10 minutes after switching off the saw.
  • Throws a lot of dust directly on user’s position and produce loud noise.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Buyers agree that Bosch CS5 Circular Saw is powerful cutting tool. Cuts smoothly than other saws and perform like a knife on butter. Some buyers also like its comfortable and easy to carry handle. The handle doesn’t look like a cheap material because of its sense of durability. The left blade design of this circular saw is another highlight. It lets users cut clearly and see the line.

Although Bosch CS5 Circular Saw doesn’t receive negative reviews yet, reviewers have minor concerns about it. Its left blade design let saw dust go directly to your face. However, this issue was resolved by attaching a chute on it.

Some people don’t get surprised when Bosch CS5 Circular Saw got an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Most of its reviews have 5-star rating and didn’t get below 3 stars.


If you want to experience powerful cutting performance, choose Bosch CS5 Circular Saw. Many people have already tested and used this circular saw and they all got great results. So, why spend more on expensive circular saws where you can have a budget priced one yet performs on its best. You can find Bosch CS5 Circular Saw in online or local stores. To have successful purchase, find a trusted and reliable website that offers this circular saw. Also, look for great deals to avail discounts. This will save a fraction of your money from buying Bosch CS5 Circular Saw.

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