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Bosch 1677MD 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Wormdrive Construction Saw with Direct Connect

61NUn5cpKmS._SY355_The Bosch 1677MD 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Wormdrive Construction Saw with Direct Connect is a saw that has a lot of power and weighs just around 10.5 pounds. The direct connect is a smart design that means this saw doesn’t have a power cord attached. Instead it just has a receptacle where you plug in your extension cord, use the built-in locking mechanism and start sawing away.

The 15 amp motor and wormdrive gear means two things: power and durability, however, it also means that this tool is heavier than other models and you have to be prepared for this. It has a built-in sawing hook that allows for a 50´ bevel with a stop at 45´.

Bosch 1677MD 15 Amp features and specifications

  • Magnesium motor housing and footplate for extra stability and strength
  • 7.1/4 inch wormdrive saw and a 50´ bevel
  • 1 year warranty
  • 15 amp motor (RPM 4,400)
  • Special plug in cord design for greater flexibility and ease of use

The Bosch 1677MD 15 Amp circular saw reviews

We did a lot of research on this product and most people really like it. One of the key points about the Bosch 1677MD that a lot of people really liked is the sheer power it possesses. This saw cuts through all types of plywood without any effort and deals greatly with 2×4, 2×6, 8x, pt, engineered lumber and so on.

The next thing that was got really positive feedback was the direct connect system that allows you to just plugging and unplugging an extension cord to the built-in receptacle. This feature gave many users a lot of flexibility and removed the pain of dealing with tangled cords.

The motor is not in the way of your vision when sawing and therefore you remove all guesswork and get constant eye- hand feedback to ensure a perfect cut. Some people even went as far as rating this saw as the best wormdrive model on the market right now.

One negative comment some people did seem to have about the Bosch 1677MD was the weight. Around 10% of the people who took the time to review this product felt that it was too heavy and that the weight limited the practicality of this saw. Meanwhile, other people felt that the weight was no problem and some even felt that it was a plus due to the added power this saw has.

To sum everything up :The majority of the reviews on this product are quite positive and people really like the power, the guard design, the ease of use and the fact that this saw utilizes the direct connect system. However some people felt that the weight was such a big issue that it outweighed these positive factors.

We can recommend this product to anyone who wants a powerful and easy to use saw. However, if you want a lightweight saw that is cordless, we recommend you to look at other models instead.

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