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Blender Reviews Buyers Guide

indexCompanies that produce kitchenware are always coming up with new and exciting appliances to add to kitchens. These gadgets are always innovative but, if we’re being honest with ourselves, a bit useless. The truth of the matter is that companies try to come up with products that will be the center of kitchens everywhere, products that can be used every day, for every meal. In a word, these companies try to make products like the blender.

The best blenders have been used in kitchens around the world for years now. They are useful appliances and utilizing the best blender reviews to choose your blender can make your kitchen just that much better.Because they are so beneficial to kitchens, it’s important to pick out the best blender that will suit your needs. So what we’ve done for you is put together this guide of blender reviews that will help you in your search for the best blender for you.

Types of Blenders

First of all, let’s talk about the two types of blenders. The first and most common is, appropriately, the traditional blender which is what we focus on in our blender reviews. These are the blenders that consist of a base—where the motor that gives your blender its power is stored—which holds a container or jar with blades at the bottom. This jar is called the “carafe.” Carafes are usually made from glass or plastic, but some are made of stainless-steel. The stainless-steel jars are the most durable of the three, so if you find a blender that you’re interested that does not come with a stainless-steel jar, check with the manufacturer to see if they offer one as an accessory. In addition to the jar and base, traditional blenders also come with removable lids, so you never have to worry about messy splashes. Check outour in-depth blender reviews where we cover all of these details for each and every blender.

Immersion Blenders

The other type of blender out there is the immersion blender, sometimes referred to as the stick blender. Recently, this type of blender has become increasingly popular. These are all-in-one blending powerhouses. They are made up of a slim power base that is attached to a long metal shaft. At the end of the shaft is a mixing blade. Because of this design, the mixing blade must be lowered, or immersed into the ingredients, which is how this type of blender gets its name. Typically, this kind of blender is only used for smaller jobs, as it can’t crush ice or handle ingredients that are around that consistency. However, they are advantageous because you have the option to use any size bowl or cup with it.

Often blenders are confused with other appliances such as mixers and food processors. These appliances admittedly all do similar jobs, but do have different functions.

Mixers are primarily used for things such as batters, because they excel at adding air into ingredients. Blenders, however, perform differently. Unlike mixers, the best blenders are designed to whisk liquids, grind and crush solids into small particles or blend solids into liquids. They can be used to make batters, if you wanted to do something such as add a powder mixture into a liquid to make something such as pancake batter, but they don’t incorporate air in order to increase volume like mixers do.Then you have food processors. These are best for chopping solids or kneading thick dough. They can also be used to slice and shred things such as produce and cheese. Blenders can’t perform these tasks unless they have food processor parts, but they still can’t perform these tasks as well as a genuine food processor. Here at blender reviews we break down which blenders are best for food processing jobs and which ones are not.

Therefore if you have the need to crush ice or other hard ingredients, there is no appliance that can do the job better than the best blender. The carafes in blenders are made with a special whirlpool design that makes blenders perfect for tough jobs. It also makes blenders ideal for combining ingredients, as you would if you wanted to make soups or sauces

The anatomy of a blender

Blenders are all different and we explore those differences on blender reviews to help you make the best choice for which blender is best for you. Depending on the manufacturer, all blenders vary in construction, power rating, types of controls and special features. Many now come with ice crushing and pulse settings that excel is blending frozen drinks and smoothies. In fact, because making frozen drinks in blenders is becoming increasingly popular, many now come with spouts on the front so you can dispense your liquid the second you finish blending it. You’ll also find that, here at blender reviews, we do in-depth reviews of the best frozen drink makers too! A few manufacturers have started making their models in different colors and styles so that they fit in with any kitchen. There are even some blenders that are cordless. While they typically don’t have as much power as a corded blender, they do have the ability to be moved around to wherever they’re needed. A popular cordless blender is the personal blender.

These are to be used for smaller jobs. Instead of using a carafe, these small capacity blenders use a blending cup. Personal blenders are used to blend single servings of drinks and we look at a few of these here at blender reviews. Once your drink is blended, you simple flip the cup over and take a sip! These cups come with a drink-through lid and can fit in any cup holder.

Blender vs Food Processor

Again, the best blenders are much different than food processors however there are some models that combine the two. These come with a traditional blender carafe and a compact food processor bowl with chopping blade. These models can’t do food processing jobs as well as actual food processors, but they are still very versatile and convenient. We also break these models down for you here at blender reviews.

Now that we’ve looked at low-powered blenders, let’s take a look at the higher-powered ones that we focus on here at blender reviews. These are the best blenders that can literally liquefy fruits and veggies. If you’re looking for the best blender reviews of blenders that can handle large blending, crushing and grinding jobs, you need one with a lot of power behind it.

High Power Blender Reviews

Average blenders have about 300 to 600 watts of power. More professional grade blenders can go up to about 1300 watts.  Yep, we have some great reviews on these models here at blender reviews.

As far as materials go, there are a few different ones that manufacturers use to make their blenders. The least expensive material is plastic. More professional grade models are made with stainless steel, which are sturdier and more reliable. Not only that, but they are great for making drinks such as milkshakes, because they keep the drink cold. Because of these benefits, stainless steel models tend to be more expensive. However, there is a drawback to having a stainless steel model: because they are not see-through, you must open the lid to see how the food you’re blending is coming along.

What you can expect to spend

A good rule of thumb is the more power and features you add, the higher the price of your blender.  We also breakdown where you can find the best pricing in all of our blender reviews.Best Blender Reviews:  How to decide what type of blender you should buy

Deciding on the best blender all depends on your lifestyle and we take that into account here at blender reviews. Think about what you plan on using your blender for, how often you will use it and how much you’re willing to spend to start your decision making process. You may also want to think about how your blender will look in your kitchen, so you can decide what colors and styles to shop for. These are all things we discuss here at blender reviews.

Finding the Right Blender for You

The most important thing to think about, when reading our blender reviews, is the type of blending functions you will use the most. If you plan on crushing ice often, you will want to search for a higher-end blender that can handle such a large task. Similarly, if you don’t plan on using your blender for tough jobs, a basic blender should satisfy your needs. Depending on what you plan on using your blender for, base your decision on things like carafe size, number of speeds, power and types of controls.

Take a look at the blender reviews on this website to see which blenders are up to par. Our blender reviews are a great help, as it is always a comfort to hear an honest opinion from people who own the product you want to purchase.  And if we don’t own it, we research to find the opinions of the people that do.  That’s what makes our blender reviews so good, real people that you can trust!

Good luck on your quest for the best blender reviews for you!

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