Best Yogurt Makers

Best Yogurt MakersYogurt is extremely good for health. Some people even like to add their cereals in yogurt instead of milk. If you live in a country with extreme summer months, then you know what high degree of relief it can give to your stomach and body. In fact, having a cup of yogurt early morning on an empty stomach is considered to be a good way to boost metabolism, as well as improve the digestive function. Besides that, it tastes amazing when mixed with honey, nuts and other healthy condiments and sauces.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or get radiant skin, yogurt can help you achieve your health and fitness related goals without having to make too much efforts. Given all the benefits that it can provide to your health, if you are already thinking to buy a yogurt maker for your home, then here are top 10 selections that you may consider at the time of buying. The top 10 best yogurt makers in 2016 are as follows:

10. T-fal (YG232BUS) – Balanced Living Yogurt Maker

The T-fal yogurt maker convenient and easy to use yogurt maker. With each set of this yogurt maker, you get 7 jars delivering 5.5 ounces of yogurt each. This means you can make around 38.5 ounces of yogurt a day. The jars are designed in a way that you can use them to store the remaining yogurt for about 6-7 days. These jars also feature adjustable dates so you don’t get confused with the expiry date. The machine also features automatically-off function and adjustable timer. You don’t have to remember to switch off the Yoghurt maker. It will automatically switch it off itself, once it finishes it’s job. You also get 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and a recipe book along with the package. So, there is no tension for at least one year from the purchase.

9. Aroma (AYM-606) – Digital Yogurt Maker

Aroma has build a strong reputation in this category of consumer goods. They have come up with this inexpensive machine that is designed to prepare good quality product. The machine is extremely easy to work on due to its LCD display and intuitive menu. The timer is programmable by using physical buttons on the display. It features an 8 BPA-free plastic cups and auto shut-off feature. Manufacturer is offering a one year limited warranty. In addition to this, it is affordable and easy to fit even in small spaces. If you are running out ofspaces, then you should certainly choose this yoghurt maker. In fact, you should consider this one, if you have ample amount of space too.

8. Euro Cuisine – (GY50) Yogurt Maker

The Cuisine GY50 by Euro is quite easy to work on. It uses only BPA-free components to deliver high quality results. Manufacturers also provide you with a handy instruction book. as well as a recipe book to make the preparation more convenient. However, you need to be careful with filtering mesh and carefully handle it without applying excess pressure.

7. Yogourmet’s Electric Yogurt Maker

The design offered by Yogourmet is very simple and straightforward. This yogurt maker with 2 quarts capacity is enough for any small to mid-sized family. The machine features one on or off button and also capable of holding a constant temperature. You can prepare a full batch of yogurt in less than 4 hours if you use the right milk. Even though it is expensive, but it’s ability to prepare large quantity of yogurt at once justifies the price.

6. Cuisinart (CYM-100) – Electronic Yogurt Maker With Automatic Cooling

The unit is a quite identical to its predecessors which have been quite successful in the past. With 50 ounce total yogurt making container, it makes a good option for a family of 8-10. Easy touch
button for all operations is the major highlight of this machine. In fact, it is one of the few models available in the market that can cool the product after incubation.

5. VitaClay VS7600-2 Stoneware Yogurt Maker

This is a low temperature and large batch yogurt maker that also incorporates the function of slow cooker. It is easy to use, chemical free and low-temperature controlled. This yogurt maker comes with a book of 50 natural yogurt recipes. It is an ideal maker for large batch yogurt and yogurt cheese. One batch can be easily prepared in 6-10 hours.

4. Storebound Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker

Storebound has managed to come up with an absolutely inexpensive and convenient machine for preparing yogurt with a lightweight design, timer, and BA-free containers. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have auto on and off feature. This 1 quart yogurt maker is simple to use and compact in design. It makes a perfect choice for kitchen with less counter space. The Storebound Dash Bulk yogurt maker is versatile, very easy to operate and able to create all types of yogurts.

3. Oster Mykonos Greek Yogurt Maker

The Oster Mykonos Greek Yogurt Maker is quite identical to its predecessor. It delivers similar quantity of yogurt, but what extra it has is the automatic on/off feature. With a set of 6 BPA free
containers contributing to 7 ounce of preparation each, this machine can deliver up to 42 ounce of yogurt at one time. It is compact in size and can easily fit into any corner of your kitchen without taking much space.

2. Yolife (YL-210) Yogurt Maker

This yogurt maker from Yolife is a smart and great looking appliance for any kitchen. Its unique style and built makes it everyone’s favorite. Best part is that with premium look, this yogurt maker comes at an extremely affordable price. It can prepare high-quality yogurt. With 6 oz glass jars, it takes about 10-12 hours to make a batch. Since the machine gets heated up to 110 degrees it delivers quite smooth and quality yogurt.

1. Epica Electric Yogurt Maker

The Epica Electric Yogurt Maker has managed to get the number one spot. It does come with all the essential features that are required to make high quality, smooth and tasty yogurt. The model comes with six small jars capable of holding 6 ounces each. You can easily prepare a full batch within 7 hours. Best part is that you need not boil the milk, as it works with pasteurized milk as well. This yogurt maker comes with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty. All the 6 jars provided with this maker are BPA free and made with glass. In addition to this, they are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The size and design of the maker is compact and suitable for all kitchen types.

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