Best Wireless Keyboard

Best Wireless KeyboardThough a laptop is much easier to carry around and work with even on the go, many people still prefer a desktop at home.

Actually, if it does not need to be carried around, a desktop computer is much more convenient to use, especially at home or at the office.

However, the messy cable is often an issue with the desktop. That is why the wireless keyboards have been produced to solve the problem.

If you are looking for a new keyboard, you are highly recommended to pick up the wireless keyboard because while it still works the best, it keeps your desk tidy and cable-less.

Below are the reviews of the top 10 best wireless keyboards that are most popular. We hope this helps you to choose the best one.

Apple Wireless Keyboard MC184LL/B

First of all, let’s see this Apple Wireless Keyboard. Of course, it is compatible with only Apple Computers. If we look at its design, the theme of this wireless keyboard would be a duplication to the Apple desktop design. It will go together very well.

Its quality should be among the best too because it has overwhelmingly received positive feedback from its customer reviews.

This product also is attached with the latest Bluetooth connection technology. It will just work very well with your Apple desktop.

Logitech K360 Best Wireless Keyboard

If you are to search for a wireless keyboard on Google or major online stores like Amazon or Ebay, you will find a lot of models of keyboard from Logitech.

It is not surprising at all because Logitech is one of a big and popular brand which is best known to provide the keyboard product on the market these days.

More importantly, most of its products have got so good customer reviews. Like this specific Logitech keyboard K360, among the 1500 of its customer reviews, it got a rate of 5 over 5 stars.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

The third product is the Microsoft Keyboard 4000. It is as well among one of the current best wireless keyboards on the market. This wireless keyboard is often known best for its sleek and elegant design in an highly ergonomic way.

Placing your two palms on it will give you not only the comfort but also safe palm posture. As you can see from the picture, the bottom part of this keyboard is added with a cool platform to support your wrists.

Even more interesting, this Microsoft Keyboard is compatible with various computer OS. You can use it with Microsoft or even the Mac OS.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover

The number 4 is a little different product of the wireless Keyboard.

It is specifically built and designed as a keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro If you have bought a Microsoft Surface tablet and would like to also use it as a computer sometime, this can be one of best keyboards for you to consider.

Its design is generally like a keyboard of a normal note book, and its price is very affordable. This same product comes with 5 different colors. If you love it, you can also choose your favorite color.

Anker® Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Aluminum Keyboard

If you instead are looking for a keyboard for Ipad, this might be a better product. It is compatible with all the versions of an Ipad. If you have many of them, you will be able to just use with one with all.

Its overall design reflects the simplicity design principle of Apple product so well. Also, it is all in white. Getting it with your Ipad, you will feel just like they are perfectly match to each other.

In terms of quality, this is also a highly recommended products from other customers who have bought it before. Among over 1700 reviews, this Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard can afford to get 4 stars over 5 rate.

Logitech Wireless Wave Combo Mk550 With Keyboard

This is another incredible product from the Logitech, and it is the Logitech wireless wave combo MK550. It has a quite a similar design to the Logitech wireless keyboard mentioned above.

However, it has some different features. Its wireless connection is powered by the 4 GHz with a tinny receiver.

Within 30 feet from your desktop, this keyboard will still work very well. Another superior point of this product is it has a very durable battery life. Normally, its battery can be used up to 3 years.

Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 with Keyboard

Again, the MK270 is from the Logitech. Because it is so successful in provide the wireless keyboards to the market, it has released many models each year.

Most of them are among the top wireless keyboards in 201Specifically for this Logitech wireless MK 270, you will get an extra mouse when purchasing it.

This keyboard is as well a top product now. Recently, it has been selected as one of the best selling keyboards because a great deal number of it sold each year, and many customers really love their experience with it.

Ivation Wireless Computer Keyboard

Ivation Wireless Keyboard is currently jumping to be also one of the top wireless keyboard. For this model of them, it has been liked and supported by so many of its customers.

Its design, quality, and price are a great combination to make it a great product that deserve all it success story so far.

Specially different from the rest, it was built with an LED light. That will help you dearly when you need to work at night. You can adjust its brightness on that keyboard easily if you have to.

Perixx PX-1100, Backlit Keyboard

Perixx PX-1100 has a very trendy design. It is so fashionable that you will love it since the first glance.

In addition to having the LED backlit between all the keys to support your work at night, this Perixx has an extra palm rest which you can adjust easily.

Its overall layout is just awesome in combination of its features and design. Though it is such a great product, its price is quiet affordable and similar to the rest of the best wireless keyboards on the market.

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2

The HP wireless elite Keyboard V2 is our last product in the last. Comparing to the rest, it might have the slimiest and beautiful design.

It is indeed a premium wireless keyboard but is selling in a great price. Even better for now, it is also having some discount.

That makes it even cheaper than its normal price. Regarding its quality, it is a product you can trust either based on its previous brand recognition or the customer reviews. It is a fully good product to consider.

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