Best Window Air Conditioners

Best Window Air ConditionersWhether you need to buy an air conditioner for the first time, or you’re in search for the perfect replacement to your old one, choosing the right unit can be challenging. With so many options when it comes to top brands and models, finding the best one is quite a daunting task. So, check out this top 10 best air conditioners in 2015 reviews to help you get started in purchasing the perfect unit for your home.

10. 12000 BTU Chill Series Single Room Air Conditioner by Friedrich (Model CP12G10)

When choosing an excellent air conditioner for your room, it makes sense to buy one that has a good Energy Star rating. This way, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your utility bills because of the unit’s efficient features. This product is an outstanding option as it has a sleek, chic and contemporary design. It is also lightweight enough for easy installation. The timer is programmable, so you can preset it based on your preferences. The filtration unit is also washable, and it comes with an anti-bacterial air filter.

9. 8,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner by Whirlpool (Model ACQ088GPX)

This lovely unit has eco-friendly features, which makes it a great option for those who look for an air conditioner that does not harm the environment. Moreover, you will be satisfied by the superb function of this unit as it can cool rooms with a maximum area of 350 square feet. It also comes with a remote control, and you can choose from different operating modes such as power saver, dry, fan and cool. As for the cooling mode, there are three fan speeds – low, mid and high. With so many options available in this unit, you can choose the perfect temperature that suits your needs.

8. 12-000 BTU Window Single-Room Air Conditioner with Temperature Control Remote by Frigidaire (Model FRA126CT1)

Frigidaire boasts of its powerful and compact room air conditioner that can cool rooms with an area of up to 640 sq feet. This unit is the perfect appliance you will need on an extremely hot day, as it cools any room quickly while performing silently. You can also expect to have greater savings with this unit because of its low voltage. Lastly, there are electronic controls that allow you to choose the right comfort level that suits you, and you can check the current temperature from the readout displays. With its energy efficient feature, temperature controls and clean air ionizer, this product is definitely a must-have.

7. Window Room Air Conditioner by General Electric (Model AEM08LQ)

GE is a renowned brand of electrical appliances that is known for its durability, elegance and affordability. This unit is not any different since it comes with superior power and energy star rating, which make it a practical and economical air conditioner to buy. For your convenience, you can use its remote control, which lets you select your preferred temperature without any hassles. This product can fit windows that are between 22.5 and 38 inches wide and 13.5 inches high.

6. 12,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner (Equipped with 11,200 BTU Supplemental Heat at 230 Volts by LG (Model LW1212HR)

This stunning air conditioner by LG is not only an elegant appliance, but it works just as you expect. With its supplemental heat of about 11200 BTU, you can count on this unit to work well in rooms with a maximum floor area of 550 sq feet. This product also has a range of speed and cooling settings such as for cool, heat and fan. You can even set the timer to boost your savings each time you use this unit. This brand is also protected with an anti-corrosion coating for that superior shield that prolongs the life of this unit.

5. 7,000 BTU Heat and Cool Window Room Air Conditioner with Remote by LG

With this air conditioner’s energy star rating, plasma heat exchanger and remote control, setting any room’s excellent temperature comes in rather handy. It also has a unique “energy saver” button, which enhances the compressor and fan to cool off once these reach your desired temperature. You can also use this product as a source of heat during a cold winter’s night or day. With this brilliant air conditioner, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to the room’s level of air deflection.

4. 5,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner by Frigidaire (Model FRA054XT7)

You can count on this excellent room air conditioner by Frigidaire with 5,000 BTU. If you have a smaller room with about 165 square feet in total area, you will find this product a great option for you. It also operates silently, which adds to your convenience and comfort in using this excellent unit.

3. 12000 BTU Room Air Conditioner by SPT (Model WA-1211S)

Never settle for anything less when it comes to the right air conditioner unit for your room. This high quality window air conditioner is just the perfect one for you because it offers superior cooling at the quickest time possible. The unit also comes with a washable filter for easy cleanup, as well as 3 different fan speeds to give you more options.

2. 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted 115-Volt Room Air Conditioner with Temperature Sensor Remote by Frigidaire (Model FRA106CV1)

This brand has done it again in creating a remarkable air conditioner for rooms with a maximum floor space of 500 square feet. The moment you switch it on, you only need to wait for a few minutes before your room starts to turn cooler. Thus, it is the ultimate solution for a hot summer day. There are also different speeds for the fan to customize your preferred temperature, and the 8-way design gives you the ease in controlling the direction cool air travels. Most importantly, the unit has an air ionizer to freshen the air you breathe, which is useful for asthma sufferers.

1. 5,200 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner LCD Remote Control by Keystone (Model KSTAW05A)

Small rooms up to 150 sq feet in area can stay cool quickly with this window air conditioner by Keystone. It has brilliant controls with LED display, and the LCD remote lets you check and sustain your ideal room temperature. A few other fantastic features of this unit are the sleep mode, one year warranty, auto restart and energy saver. Indeed, this is one product that can give you the best value for your money.

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