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Best UmbrellaThere are certain things that you cannot do without in a home and one of them is an umbrella. Most of the time, it is always good to have a reliable umbrella at your home because of its multipurpose and unique functions that cannot be done by any other object.

A good umbrella should be able to protect you against excessive sunlight, wind or rainfall.

However, only a well constructed umbrella gives you optimum protection. It should have a large canopy with a nice domed shape for protection against rainfall, a comfortable handle for easy handling and should be sizable enough.

However, not all umbrellas meet the aforementioned criteria and this is why we have collected a good number of customer reviews and came up with the following list of top 5 best umbrellas you should go for excellent protection against weather extremes.

Clear Bubble Umbrella Color: Black Trim

Is one of the umbrellas that gives perfect vision and hence allows you to see around when you are under it. The clear canopy makes it easy to see everything without any obstruction.

Secondly, another outstanding feature is the durable plastic handle. The handle is very comfortable in your hand and fits perfectly into the palm. It also has reinforced steel ribs that are resistant to gust winds and does not bend around in moderate winds.

The diameter of the canopy is about 34 inches meaning that two adults may fit under it. Lastly, it is also very easy to open and close by simply pressing a button.

Kikkerland Samurai Best Umbrella

If you want to prove whether this umbrella is world class or not, we beg that you visit Amazon customer reviews. It has been praised like no other in the market currently.

Back to features now, fist of all it has an adjustable strap that allows you to wear it on your back or shoulders whenever it is not in use and hence making it easy to be carried around.

Another feature is that it has a cool durable plastic handle that provides a form grip in gust winds. When it come to opening and losing, it is as easy as ABCD! Thanks to easy push button that requires very little energy for pressing.

When open, the canopy is 41 inches and hence can accommodate 2 adults comfortably when rain falls suddenly.

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella (Hunter)

This is an automatic open and close umbrella that is very ideal in protecting you against extreme rainfall and wind. It is made of an award winning double design canopy which measures up to 43 inch and thus can accommodate 2 adults underneath.

In addition, it has a reinforced shaft and hexagonal ribs to prevent napping and crimping. With this umbrella, the question of how it is to be carried is no longer there since it has sheath double for backpack or over the shoulder carrying.

Moreover, it has a pinchless open and release system as well as a comfortable handle that makes it fit perfectly in the palm.

RainStoppers Women’s 50-Inch Silver Coated Windbuster Golf Umbrella

This can make a great addition to your umbrella collection since it is durable and can withstand gust winds and heavy rainfall wherever you are. This is because of its fiberglass shaft and ribs that make it stable even in extreme rainfall and wind conditions.

It also has a double canopy (silver outer canopy and colored under canopy) that is dome shaped to cover you fully. Another thing is an auto open feature that makes it easy to open even with a single hand.

We are not done yet, there is non slip foam handle that stays form in your hand even when there is wind.

Totes Signature SuperDome Auto Open/Close Umbrella

If you want to beat rainfall and winds in style, then this umbrella should not miss in your umbrella collection.

It is made of top notch features such as auto open and auto close functionality which makes it extremely easy for you to operate the umbrella with one hand.

The handle feels easy on the hand and does not affect the texture or feel of your hand when you carry the umbrella for a longer time.

Lastly, the canopy is large enough accommodate two persons.

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