Best Turntables

Best TurntablesThe vinyl never died and turntables are more popular than ever. This trend is also fueled by the music industry that keeps releasing vinyl records. More and more artists release their album on vinyl to feed the hungry audiophiles and in all honesty the sound of a turntable player is difficult to match by modern digital players. There are quite a few models available on the market for both amateurs and music producers but only a few stand out when it comes to build quality, design, value for money and sound. Here are the top 10 best turntables in 2016.

10. Jensen JTA-230

The Jensen JTA is one of the bestseller turntables mainly due to its price and value for money ratio. It is a simple player with 3 speeds that can run at 33, 45 or 78 rotations per minute. It supports auxiliary inputs via a jack port. It also features MP3 encoding directly via the line-in port to a PC. In addition, the manufacturers included built-in speakers and it is belt driven which improves playback quality. It also has a standard jack output for headphones, a volume control and tone control.

9. Numark PT01USB

The Numark is a very basic turntable. It was mainly build to help convert vinyl’s into digital format. The USB port can be used to connect it directly to a PC via an Aux port and record the music in any digital format. It can also be used as an external playback device for any computer with an Input port. The unit uses a belt system with 3 speed settings. It also has an internal speaker and comes with a very affordable price tag. The only downside is the build quality and the design. It is decently not amongst the more stylish turntables but it affordable and can do the job just fine. Numark built it specifically for beginners and people that want to convert vinyl’s to a digital format.

8. Crosley CR8005A-BK Cruiser

Portable turntables are also growing in sales. These compact players seem to be appreciated by the buyers. Crosley’s Cruiser is a compact and good looking player that comes with a fair price and just enough features. It has a standard 3 speed playback that runs at 33/45/78 RPMs, a belt drive and an RCA and jack output. It also includes stereo speakers but the playback quality is not great. The Crosley sounds excellent on external speakers or when connected to a sound system. Overall, it looks great and it can be an excellent turntable for beginners or the ones that have a limited budget.

7. Crosley CR6009A-OR Advance

Crosley seems to dominate the turntable industry or at least it is listed as one of the top sellers. Their Advance model is not an entry level player but more of a middle ground one that comes with a few more features. It has the standard functionalities such as the 3 speed playback, USB connection support, pitch control and a belt drive. The extra comes from the software it comes with that makes it easier to convert records into a digital format. It is also a great looking turntable with a classic look and solid build.

6. Denon DP-200USB

Denon’s DP-200USB turntable is one of their products that is addressing a more specific customer niche. It can be considered and entry level professional vinyl player that comes with all the required functionalities to make is usable by a regular audiophile. It has a traditional USB connection, supports USB storage devices on which it can directly export in digital format, it splitting functions and has a belt drive that should prevent accidental skips from vibrations. It is a bit more expensive but it is a great looking turntable that provides excellent listening quality, reliability and premium build quality.

5. Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB

Audio-Technica is one of the veterans in the audio industry. Besides the headphones division, the manufacturer does sell some rather decent turntables. The AT-LP120 is a mid range product that does not disappoint. It has the 3 standard playing speeds, a belt drive that prevents skips caused by shocks. Also it includes all the required cables to connect it to a PC and record to a digital format. Additionally it comes with a pitch adjust that can go over or below the standard speeds and supports a wide range of output connections. The build quality is decent with an aluminum body and some plastic elements.

4. Crosley CR6019A-BK Executive

Crosley is not known for building premium products. Most of their sale numbers come from entry level products that usually deliver superior quality when compared with products from the same price range. This is the case with the BK Executive. It is a sleek looking portable turntable that resembles a suit case. The sound quality overpasses its entry level categorization. It has a belt drive, standard input and output ports and the regular 3 speed playback. It also comes with speakers making it ready to go as long as there is a power socket around.

3. Pioneer PL-990

The Pioneer PL-990 is an inexpensive record player that comes from one of the biggest audio equipment manufacturers in the world. It incorporates multiple patented technologies such as the Pioneer precision servo motor that ensures smooth playback. It also includes a equalizer, fully automatic operation, a wide selection of input and output ports and premium build quality. It is one of the best available turntables in its price range.

2. Stanton T62 Straight Arm Direct

Stanton is mainly know for its DJ equipment. Fortunately, regular home users can now enjoy their premium products from the comfort of their home. It supports playback at 33 or 45 RPM. It has also several features such as Mix and Battle Setup, a high quality build with aluminum parts and excellent design.

1. Stanton ST-150 Turntable

The Stanton ST-150 is a state of the art turntable. It is a bit more expensive but the quality of build and the sound is premium. The turntable has been used by DJs but it can serve just as well a regular home user. It has a ultra-durable motor, a belt drive, steel elements, stable platter and durable arm. It can be connected to a computer for digital playback and offers various controls such as pitch, reverse play and key correction.

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