Best Tower Fans

Best Tower FansIf you live in very hot regions and want to live comfortably in your home then you need a tower fan to make it true for you. These towers fans can be great companions for you as these stylish fans are not only easy to use but cost effectively also. But availability of different types of tower fans in the market makes it confusing to choose the best one for you. Brief reviews about the top 10 tower fans in 2015 are provided hereunder to help you in finding the best one for your home.

10. Holmes HT38R Pedestal Tower Fan

The tower fan developed by Holmes is actually an oscillating fan which costs you nearly $42 including its remote control. An auto shut off timer, an oscillation and three different speed settings are the main features of the Holmes HT38R. The top mounted control panel has LED lights for the effective control of the tower fan that is designed to cover larger area.

9. Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Tower Fan

This wind curve tower fan is designed to improve the quality of air in your home through its fresh air ionizer along with enabling you to control it through its remote control. It distributes air to larger area through its 42.5 inches height and three speed settings. An easy to carry handle, a fused safety plug, and an automatic shut off system are some of the other features of 2551 tower fan manufactured by Lasko to prevent it from overheating and saving energy. The affordable price of nearly $60 makes it the best option for most of the people.

8. Ozeri Tower Fan

This tower fan from Ozeri is provided with the passive noise reduction feature that makes it better performing tower fan than others. You can buy this 44 inches high tower fan for just about $95 from various online stores like Amazon. It contains three fans with three different speed settings which can be controlled independently to get cooling of 9 different levels. Though this tower fan is pre-programmed with three airflow programs for your comfort and relaxation but still it can be customized according to your needs. Its LED control panel can be controlled with remote control as well as it touch sensors with equal effectiveness. Anyone can install and enjoy the passive noise reduction feature of Ozeri tower fan to make his life comfortable.

7. Lasko 4000 Air Stick Oscillating Fan

Lasko has introduced this stylish, graceful and very slim air stick oscillating fan at a very affordable price of about $24 through Amazon. Patented safety fuse, its oscillating function and two quiet speed settings are some of the main features of this fully assembled fan which you receive at your doorstep from Amazon. The electronic controls of this energy and space effective tower fan are illuminated with LEDs.

6. Soleus Air FC3-35R-12 Tower Fan

The 35 inch height of this tower fan makes it a bit smaller fan from other fans that come with remote control. Soleus has offered this tower fan for just nearly $61 through online merchants like Amazon. A 7.5 hour timer, easy to use remote control and three speed settings are the main features of this oscillating fan. The pleasing vertical design of this tower fan allows you to cool down your environment by providing a proper airflow all over.

5. Miallegro 1760 Tower Fan

This internally oscillating 1760 air ionizer tower fan designed by Miallegro is provided with a remote control for its easy operation. You can buy this elegant fan for about $98 to get effectively pure air in your office or home as soon as possible. Minimum space requirement and wide rang of air circulation are the best features of this tower fan along with its an auto shut off feature, three quiet speed settings and compact ergonomic design.

4. Dyson Am02 Tower Fan

Dyson has manufactured this tower fan on the basis of air multiplier technology to provide better air flow and to considerable reduce energy bills through its energy saving features. Accurate oscillation control, handy remote control, variable power of airflow, no dusty grilles or blades and easy to clean are the other features of this fan having two years limited period warranty from its manufacturer.

3. Seville Classics Fan

It is one of the tower fans produced by Seville Classics in its ultra slimline series of fans. Company offers this fan for not more than $80 with three different air movement and quiet operation modes. Eco speed, low, high and medium speeds are the four speed settings of this tower fan which along with LCD display and remote control make it better than others. Seville Classics Tower Fan has an aesthetic look due to the high quality material used in its housing.

2. Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan

Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan is one of the best tower fans available in the market due to its 42 inches height, embedded noise reduction technology and adjustable oscillating features to make it comfortable for your office as well as home use. You can get this trendy and graceful fan with space-saving design to match every type of modern decor at a very reasonable price of about $101. The three different pre-programmed airflow systems, high speed airflow with less noise an easy push-button and a 12 hour timer are the main features of this tower fan. This easy to assemble tower fan can be fully controlled with the help of its remote control.

1. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

This fresh breeze fan from Honeywell is available at nearly $48 only along with it’s easy to use a remote control with a built-in flashlight. The three different speeds, an electronic LCD display, easy touch button controls, a programmable thermostat and auto shut off are its main features which make it one of the best tower fans. A washable air filter and an oscillation filter are its additional features worthy to be mentioned here.

Thus on the basis of the information provided above you can easily choose a suitable tower fan in 2015 for your office or home to live a comfortable life in very hot regions.

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