Best Throwing Knife

Best Throwing KnifeIf you have ever watched an ancient Chinese drama, you will surely ever hear of the secret weapons which usually are the small knives those Chinese heroes through to kill or frighten their enemies.

I am not quite if such a thing really exists.

But, what I am sure is knives throwing is a nice sport of some groups of people.

At least, they can do it at home when they are bored.

And, below is the top 10 best list of throwing knives you can consider to buy a set to kill your boredom.

United Cutlery GH2033 Throwing Knives

This United Cultery GH2033 is one of a very fine quality and a set of three throwing knives, coming with a stylish leather sheath.

As you can see in the picture, it is a one piece construction. In addition to its stainless steel feature, the design is very fashionable with ergonomic handle.

Among all the Untied Cutlery products, this throwing knives GH2033 is one of the most appreciated ones.

6PC 5′ Best Throwing Knife Set With Pouch

This black Window Spider throwing knives instead is a set of 6 items. All the six knives comes with a length of 5 inch and the blade is 5 inch, haft of the whole length.

Though they are black, they are stainless steel which are designed for accuracy, balance and speed.

It will help you have a nice try with your knives throwing sports. And, like others, it comes with a Nylon Sheath protection when they are not used.

3 Piece 6 ” Jack Ripper Throwing Knives Set

This is Jace Ripper. The whole set is only three, and its price is $ 95 which is very reasonable.

For its design, if we just have a look from the outside, you will just see it like other knives you can find at home, but this one is designed particularly as the throwing knives.

So, well balance, precise accuracy, and speedy move are the features attached to this set.

Smith & Wesson False Edge Military Boot Knife

Here it comes now the Smith & Wesson knife. This one was designed in a military style. It is a black stainless steel knife with black rubber handle.

Its weigh is only 5 ounces each which make it very easy when throwing.

Actually, this kind of knife was available since 2005. But, because of its popularity, its production is still on to serve it to all the customers who like this particular throwing knife.

Gil Hibben Original Thrower Triple Knives Set

With only a few more sets in stock, this is another version of Gil Hibben that are liked.

The design looks very simple and similar to the Jack Ripper we mentioned above. Coming with a genuine leather sheath, this is more than a stainless steal throwing knife.

You can either use it as your knife throwing sport or even hunting, and this one piece construction comes with a 6 inch long, longer than most other throwing knives.

Whetstone Cutlery’s S-Force Kunai’s 12 set knives

Seeing this, I personally have a sense of the secret weapon of Japanese Samurai.

But, it is actually a big set of Whetstone Cutlery’s S-Force. When I say a big set, I mean there are many knives, and they are 12 within this set.

They are stainless steel and double edge blade with a length of 3135 inches. As of now I am writing, this throwing knives is running out of stock. But, if you like it, you had better check it again. It is coming back for sale.

United Cutlery GH2013 Gil Hibben Generation 2 Pro Throwing Axe

Is this really a knife? Of course, it is not looking like a knife, but people often use it for their throwing sport as well.

It is indeed an axe but is designed fashionably with stainless steel material with trigger grip appearance.

This one is also a product line of United Cutlery, another of it very successful one. This one is on sale, and if you decide to choose it, you could get about 50% discount.

Ridge Runner 12 Ninja Throwing Knives Set

Ridge Runner is another big set of 12 throwing knives. Talking about price, this set is very cheap.

There are all 12 knives, but it costs only about $2That also includes the roll up leather sheath.

Oh, if you instead want it as a gift for someone else, the gift wrap service is also available. You can just have a ready order to give for this one.

6 Piece Ridge Runner Lightning Throwing Knives

It is a wow for this set. They are 6 but all are in different designs. You can choose this one set only but could experience 6 different things in your knife throwing time.

And, if you look at how it is called again in the title, there is a word Lightning.

Yes, of course, it is there to describe the speed these knives could travel away from your hands.

Expendables Kunai Thrower Set

This is much bigger and longer comparing all the ones listed here. It is 12 inches with cord wrapped handle, but it is perfectly balanced.

That is where the designed is focused. However, it is also a bit more expensive than the rest. Only one of them costs about $ 32 dollars.

And, of course, if you need a long one but not many, this one is among the best rated throwing knives sets.

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