Best Swimsuits for Men

Best Swimsuits for MenDesigned for men that spend a lot of time on the beach or in swimming pools during their free time, swimsuits are stylish, tight-fitting accessories that benefit users in several ways. Well-made models, for instance, offer sufficient coverage.

They also lower drag, which enables users to swim faster and more efficiently and are attainable in many stylish designs that benefit people off all cadres. If you enjoy swimming and or lounging on the beach and wand a quality swimsuit that meets the foregoing threshold, the 10 best of 2016 include:

10. Speedo Endurance+ Solid Brief

Speedo Endurance+ is a tight-fitting sold brief swimsuit for men with a classic black theme that offers better coverage outdoors. The 50% PBT and 50% polyester fabrics used to manufacture it is light, comfortable, and has a fast-drying design that benefits avid swimmers. It is also non-irritant, has an exclusive 9-thread lock-stitched design that lasts long, and a 4-way stretch technology that guarantees a form fit for easy movement in and outside water. Speedo Endurance+ is affordable, has flat and non-marring seams, and is easy to clean using clean cold water and detergent.

9. TYR Sport Square Leg Short

As its name suggests, TYR Sport is a comfortable square leg swimsuit for men, with a short and tight-fitting design that does not slip in water and on land. It is affordable, navy-themed, and manufactured using a durable 80% nylon and 20% Lycra that also guarantees a comfortable fit. The fabric is hand washable, lacks physical and chemical irritants common on some poorly designed models, and has a sleek and environmentally-friendly design made recycled fabric. With an original, you also get a fitting boxer cut, a lightweight build that offers greater freedom in and out of water, and an adjustable draw cord waist that guarantees a custom and comfortable fit.

8. TYR Sport Alliance Durafast Splice

As the TYR Sport Square Leg Short swimsuit reviewed herein, Alliance Durafast Splice by TYR Sport is a professional-grade square leg swimsuit with a black and green-theme 88% polyester and 12% spandex Durafast Lite fabric that lasts long. It has a drawstring closure for a custom fit, a plush lining that boosts user comfort, and a sturdy hand-washable design that does not lose its shape and or functionality after several washes. This swimsuit is 100% chlorine proof (for up to 72-hours exposure). It is also sun proof and has 4-way stretch technology for conforms to body shape.

7. Ispeed Fashion Jammer

As its name suggests, Ispeed Fashion Jammer is a fashionable black-themed swimsuit for men with a stretch 82% nylon and 18% spandex that guarantees a better fit and performance in all environments. The material is also durable, has flat and non-irritant seams that guarantee all-day comfort, and has a stylish form-fitting design that offers better coverage of the crotch area and comes with a convenient inner pocket for storing personals such as locker keys whilst exploring the outdoors.

6. TYR SPORT Phoenix Splice Jammer

The Phoenix Splice Jammer by TYR Sports is a comfortable black and blue themed swimsuit for men manufactured using a durable 94% polyester and 6% spandex fabrics. The material is comfortable, moisture wicking, and has a flexible and form-fitting design that does not impede motion when in use. It is also offers sun protection up to UPF50+, has a 100% chlorine-proof fibers, and has an innovative circular knit that combines both strength and superior performance in one. Other notable features are its affordability, 4-way stretch technology, and adjustable drawstring.

5. Baleaf Square Leg Swimsuit

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors on beaches and in swimming pools? Are you tired of wearing the bulky swim shorts that often weigh down users in water? If you have saved a few dollars, and want a comfortable, tight-fitting, and stylish model that never induces wardrobe malfunctions, Baleaf Square Leg Swimsuit is a quality product to consider. It is durable, has a gradient-style red and black-theme that users find eye-catching, and is made of a hand-washable 80% nylon and 20% spandex fabric that fits comfortably. It is also light, has a smooth and concealing design, and has flat and supportive seams that do not dig into the skin over time.

4. Speedo Men’s Endurance+ Polyester Solid

Recommended in top 10 best swimsuits for men reviews, this polyester solid Speedo Men’s Endurance+ swimsuit for men is a professional-grade square-legged accessory with a stylish black theme that does not fade over time. It id durable, has a 4-way stretch technology that guarantees a comfortable and supportive fit, and has a 100% chlorine resistant body and an integrated drawstring closure that guarantees a custom fit. Users also get UV protection (UPF 50+), better coverage, and beneficial muscle compression that boosts the efficiency of users in and out of water.

3. Speedo Endurance+ Polyester Solid Jammer

Durable, black-themed, and designed to offer better coverage and support when in use, Endurance+ Polyester Solid Jammer by Speedo is an advanced black-themed swimsuit made of 50% polyester and 50% PBT. It is 100% chlorine resistant, has a novel four-way stretch technology, an a flat-lock nine-thread stitching technology that boosts strength and stretch further. This swimsuit is hand-washable cold, attainable cheap in reputable online stores, and has a drawstring closure for a custom fit.

2. Speedo Xtra Life Lycra Rapid Splice Jammer

An acclaimed budget swimsuit for men, Xtra Life Lycra Rapid Splice Jammer by Speedo is a comfortable black and blue themed swimsuit made if 26% Xtra Life Lycra and 74% nylon. It is affordable, lasts up to 10 times longer than most comparable models, and has a stable design with flat seams that do not sag, bag, nor gather around thighs independent of the activity that you are engaging in. You also get nine-thread flat lock stitches for a comfortable feel and fit, jammer styling that offers better compression and coverage, and a fast-drying and hand-washable design.

1. Speedo Solid Jammer

Top on our list, the solid jammer by Speedo is an aesthetic black themed swimsuit for men made of a durable 78% nylon and 22% Lycra. It is comfortable, has quality fabrics that maintain their shape up to 10-times longer than traditional ones, and offers approximately four time more compression than standard fabrics in the market. If chlorine damage is a challenge, this swimsuit is 100% resistant. It is also affordable, good for the environment, and works excellently for swimmers of all cadres.

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