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Best Sewing MachineFor those who want to purchase a sewing machine as soon as possible, it’s recommended that they don’t hurry up with this, since there are many factors to consider before taking a final decision. The type of work they’re going to do with the sewing machine, the machine’s size, design and features are very important and that is why they should be carefully considered. However, most people don’t really have the time to do any online research and that is why the article below will focus on offering more info on the Top 10 Best Sewing Machines In 2015 Reviews.

10. Singer 9960

With a rate of 850 stitches per minute and with more than six hundred programmed stitches, the Singer 9960 can help people do quite a bit of work. This machine can be used by both professionals and beginners and since it features a back lit LCD screen, setting the desired stitch mode is very easy.

9. Singer 7258

Compared to other sewing machines on the market, this model also comes with tips and instructions that help users learn more about the basics of using it. The quick start mode and DVD tutorial will help anyone who is new to sewing learn how to sew various types of materials in a short period of time. With a rate of 750 stitches per minute and 76 decorative stitch patterns, the Singer 7258 is definitely a smart choice for most people.

8. Brother HC1850

This specific model features nine presser feet, 130 built-in stitches and an instructional DVD. On top of that, it can also quilt and has some pretty nifty features in this regard, including a wide table that can be easily detached and a spring action quilting foot. With extra features such as 8 specialty feet, zippers, blind hems, etc and a 25 years warranty, this is a solid choice to consider.

7. Singer CG590

While the previous models are intended for residential use, this one is commercial-grade and it can stitch no less than eleven hundred stitches per minute. Having a free arm capability, eighteen built in stitches, free motion quilting and a drop feed capability, the CG590 from Singer is one for the long haul.

6. Juki HZL-F600

The HZL F600 is a high quality sewing machine that comes with 255 sewing patterns and four different fonts. On top of that, it also comes with a knee lift, automatic thread trimming, an extension cable and other features that make it a solid contender for other rest of the sewing machines in its class.

5. Michley SS-602

For those who are just learning how to sew, the SS602 from Michley is a wonderful choice that allows them to craft some pretty attractive and unique design patterns. Included with this model is an accessory and needle pack, while at the same time it allows the user to work at his own pace. Thanks to the LED sewing light, the design patterns can be seen much easier since they show up on the cloth the individual is working with.

4. Brother PC 420

Even though this model comes with just two programmed patterns, the good news is that it allows users to save the most common patterns and stitch work they use, so they can be used on future projects. And since the PC420 comes with a tension gear and an adjustable speed control, it allows individuals to adjust how deep and how fast they can stitch.

3. Brother Project Runway

With a 25 years warranty, an included wide table, a reference guide, seventy programmed stitches and well rounded tools, there a lot of things people will love about this machine. For creating clothing and garments, Project Runway comes with a button hole, while the tension manual allows them to adjust the pressure and create amazingly beautiful patterns every single time.

2. SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

For beginners who want fast results, the eleven hundred stitches capable sewing machine from Singer is definitely the ideal choice to consider. With a 4 step buttonhole and 11 built in stitches, this model features a metal frame and a stainless steel bedplate for increased stability while sewing.

1. Brother CS6000i

Thousands of people were extremely happy with the Brother CS6000i which they have deemed as being the best computerized sewing machine money can buy. Thanks to the walking foot attachment, the multiple buttonhole styles and the LCD screen, people can use this sewing machine to easily create unique design patterns and clothes that will greatly impress their friends. On top of that, this machine is very durable and breakdowns are very rare.

As one can see, these are the Top 10 Best Sewing Machines In 2015 Reviews people can currently get. Regardless if they’re new to sewing machines or experts, they’ll definitely be able to find their favorite model in this top 10 countdown.

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