Best Scuba Diving Mask

Best Scuba Diving MaskGiven that you’re planning to go diving to explore the marineland, you surely do not want to miss out on the adventure due to your foggy or uncomfortable pair of diving mask. Apparently, having a diving mask that is too small or big can become a great hindrance in your adventure. Let’s take a look at top 10 best scuba diving masks in 2015. This compiled list will help you make the right selection while buying your diving gears.

10. Scubamax Spider Eye

Priced reasonably, this Scubamax Spider Eye diving mask is made with extremely high quality material. The features that it offers represent great value for the price paid. With large dual windows, wide field of vision, and soft skirt, this is the best you can get under $1000. This is a good mask for darker waters as well as for the clear waters.

9. Mares X Vision Liquid Skin Mask

Designed with latest technology, this silicone made Liquid Skin Mask has been gaining consistent positive feedback in terms of comfort and style. It is made with super soft skirt and stays the same way even under waters. It keeps you safe from leaks with cleverly positioned buckles. Moreover, the extraordinary wide field of vision windows makes it top the charts.

8. Scubapro Frameless

As the name suggests, this is a frameless mask that has its own different advantages to offer. It is flexible and very easy to pack. It is easy to equalize so to provide a wide field of vision. It is made in classic rectangular shape and provides excellent vision under water. The skirt is durable and comfortable.

7. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal

Its wide range of vision and downward visibility makes it a must-have diving mask. Also, it is looks extremely stylish with tear drop shaped dual windows. Since the mask is supported by instantly adjustable buckles, there is no scope for leakage problems at all.

6. Tusa M-211 Freedom One

This mask has been around for a while and enjoys amazingly good reviews from people who have been using it. The mask Features uber 2012 ‘freedom’ technology. On the other hand, the design incorporates varying degree of thickness around different parts of the skirt. The silicon used in the pattern and ridges enhances the fit and overall comfort making it a top performer.

5. Atomic Aquatics Frameless

Made with innovative design, it provides widest field of vision as compared to other masks in the market. The lens is digitally designed to enhance the view whether downwards, upwards, or side to side. The product uses “Ultraclear” technology that offers highest level of clarity.

4. Sherwood Allure 2-Window Mask

One of the most popular diving masks in the market, the Allure is a fine example of interesting brand offering amazing product with reasonable quality. It is designed with a view to provide a large volume of ambient light and the credit goes to silicone. The key feature of this diving mask is the raised contact points along the frame, which promotes easy clearing. It is durable and with proper care you can enhance the life to perform better.

3. Riffe Mantis 5 Mask

What is the most common problem with people looking for diving mask? The answer is simple; people with wide faces often find difficulty in finding the best suitable mask. But Riffe has the answer to this problem. The mask is designed with silicone which provides varying thickness for excellent quality. You also get the choice of two lenses with higher contrast and better separation.

2. XS Scuba Fusion 3-Window Scuba Dive Mask

If you are looking for something that offers peripheral field of vision, then this is the one for you. Even though it is a bit expensive, those who are looking for some super comfortable and functional mask will definitely won’t be able to keep their hand off.

1. Tilos Hawk Eyes Scuba Diving Mask with Bifocal Compatible Gauge Reader

The Tilos Hawk eyes diving mask features large dual-window design. It is specifically developed and designed to increase downward vision, which definitely makes it top the list. In addition to clear vision, it is easy to clear and comfortable, especially for people needing bi-focal lenses. E-Band strap is one of the newest and attractive features that you will find in it. Available at reasonable cost for the features provided, the bank makes the diving mask super adjustable.

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