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Best SandersGetting the job done well means that the right tools have been used. Working with wood required a bit of extra care and even if all sanders work the same way there are a few discreet differences such as the power, the dust collecting system and the durability of the product. Their quality also determines the pricing and when the budget it limited everyone wants to get the best deal for their money. With no further ado here is the top 10 best sanders in 2016 review.

10. Bosch 3727DEVS

Bosh is a big name in the power tool industry. Their 3727DEVS sander is one of the most appreciated products. The model comes with a built in dust canister and a compact and light design that makes it easy to work with. It has a 3.3 amp motor which operates at about 4500 to 12000 rotations per minute depending on the desired result. It includes a pad wrench, a sanding disk, dust filter and a soft backing pad. The model weights around 5.2 pounds and comes with a 1 year warranty. It is a bit more expensive than other models but it is well built and long lasting.

9. Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander

Makita is yet another rather well known name and their BO4556K sander is probably their best selling model. It has a 2.0 amp motor and a maximum of 14000 oscillations per minute. The model comes with a ball-bearing system to aid reduce vibrations and noise and features rubberized palm grips to further improve the comfort of the user. Like most other sanders it includes a dust collection system that will keep the workplace clean. The model comes with manufacturer warranty and a dedicated case.

8. Genesis GPS080 Corner Palm Sander

The Genesis is an interesting sander that provides a bit more functionality but for a cost. It is a very compact sander that can be used around corners. As a sander it can be used for finished products much easier than traditional disk or belt driven sanders. The downside is that it is less powerful than regular sanders but it is extremely compact and easy to use. Maximum orbits per minute reach 14.000 and comes with a dust protection system. It is inexpensive and takes very little storage space.

7. Makita BO5041K

The Makita BO5041K is an inexpensive product that comes with plenty of features to make it much easier to work with wood. It has a powerful 3.0 amp motor that offers smooth sanding and variable oscillations per minute that range from 4000 to 12000. The speed can be adjusted with a control dial placed conveniently on left side of the rubberized handle. All its rubberized parts reduce vibrations and noise and due to its clever design the sander can be used around corners with great ease.

6. Makita 9403 11 Amp 4-Inch-by-24-Inch Belt Sander

The Makita 9403 is more of a professional grade sander that was built for intense usage. It comes with a very powerful 11 amp motor and an adjustable speed. According to the manufacturers its construction makes it one of the quietest belt sanders on the market. Also its design keeps the internal parts safe from contamination with wood residue making it easy to maintain and stand the test of time and wear and tear. The only downside is that the sander is a bit heavier with a weight of 13 pounds but it is easy to maneuver and operate.

5. Black & Decker QS900 1/4-Sheet Sander with Filtered Dust Collection

Not much can be expected from a product as cheap as the Black & Decker QS900 but when it comes to using it thing ten to change. It has been proven to be a reliable sander with a decent motor with 16000 orbits per minute and a dust collection system. The build quality is decent and its clever compact design makes it easy to operate. For such an inexpensive sander the product offers much more than one would expect from it.

4. Black & Decker RO410S 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Yet another inexpensive sander from Black & Decker that makes it to the top 10 list due to its quality of build and reliability. The RO410S is a great pick for the ones that just started to work with wood or have a limited budget. It has a decent motor and a great build quality. The grip is covered with rubber and the pad break stops eventual gouging in material surface. It has a dust collection system and clever design that makes it easy to change the paper. Even if it is so affordable the sander does not feel cheap at all which is a great plus.

3. Makita 9903 8.8 Amp Sander

The Makita 9903 sander was built to be used by people who need a reliable and durable product. It is built to last using a 8.8 amp motor and die cast metal parts. The model features an auto-tracking system that works on its own straight out of the boost and low noise and vibration levels. It has adjustable speed levels and a convenient dust collection bag. According to the manufacturers the model is one of the quietest in its class.

2. Bosch ROS20VSK 120-Volt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit

The Bosch ROS20VSK is one of the best rated sanders from Bosch. It is inexpensive and compact with a powerful motor and a convenient dust collection system. The oscillation speed is adjustable using an easy to operate dial and comes with an anti-spillback recipient designed to keep the workplace clean. The filtering system traps even the smallest particles. From a build quality point of view the sander feels sturdy and durable.

1. Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Palm Sander

For the money the Milwakee 6021-21 is probably the best sander one could get. It has a powerful motor with variable speeds that go from 7000 to 12000 orbits per minute and a clever start system. The design of the sander makes it generate less noise and vibration while the grips offer a comfortable feel even when used at maximum speed. It comes with a dust collection bag and a carrying case. Even if the body is made of plastic the model does not feel cheap at all and in fact feels sturdy and well built power tool.

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