Best Running Shoes for Men

Best Running Shoes for MenMany men want to make the most out of their runs and that is why the majority of them will start looking for great quality shoes that can help them with that. The thing is that there are so many shoes out there to choose from, that some men may feel a bit confused about the ones they should get. That is why the following article will discuss more about the Top 10 Best Jogging Shoes for Men.

10. Salomon Sense Mantra Trail Shoe

Seasoned runners are very much aware of the fact that Salomon makes some really amazing shoes that are infused with a special technology that makes any runner achieve his maximum potential. Some of the things that make it special are the quick lace system that will never come undone, but also their super light weight which makes them a breeze to wear.

9. Adidas Energy Boost

Adidas implemented their latest technology in the Energy Boost shoes and has made sure that they facilitate maximum energy return with each step. These shoes are made from small polyurethane capsules that are carefully fused together in a process that uses steam at a very high pressure. The result? The new Adidas Energy boost shoes that many consider a runner’s dream.

8. Asics Gel Excel 33 2

Asics didn’t have enough impressing people last year with their amazing series of running shoes and that is why it decided to return this year with a newer and better version. Featuring a new skin design, this pair of shoes works towards improving the flex of the metatarsal joint, which means they can be easily used for long distance running or for short daily runs.

7. Saucony Virrata

If there is one thing that makes this pair of shoes special (and extremely light), that is their zero drop. Saucony has always been about pushing the limits and when it comes to their new Virrata shoes line, it has successfully made their point. When it comes to the running shoes industry, Saucony is certainly one of the few companies professional and amateur runners should keep an eye on.

6. Brooks Ravenna 4

Runners who are looking for a balanced blend of stability and cushioning will find everything they want and more in the new Ravenna 4 shoes. While design wise there’s nothing people will be impressed with, Ravenna is more about practicality and that is what their newest pair of running shoes exudes.

5. Brooks PureConnect 2

Being very light and having a unique design, the Brooks Pure Connect 2 is one of those rare pairs of running shoes that a lot of people consider to be perfect. There are not many in the industry that have received so much praise, so anyone who is serious about running should definitely check them out.

4. Mizuno Wave Elixir 8

Fashionable, stable and very fast, the new Elixir 8 shoes from Mizuno stand out thanks to their interesting design and the overall materials that have been used to make them. People who want to use a lightweight and very durable pair of shoes may want to take a closer look at the Wave Elixir 8 from Mizuno.

3. Asics DS Trainer 18

The DS Trainer 18 are designed more for training and that is why people who are looking for one such pair of shoes should check them out. Their build quality is excellent, so they should last for a few years without any problems.

2. New Balance 890v3

This pair of shoes was conceived, designed and built for long distance running and it’s basically one of the best performing cushioned shoes of the year. With a casual design they will win every runner’s heart immediately after putting them on.

1. Nike Flyknit Lunar1+

The Flyknit Luna1+ from Nike takes the number one spot and for a good reason: the amount of cushioning it has is mind-blowing and on top of that, they are also very lightweight. Shocks are absorbed incredibly well while running, which makes them one of the most extraordinary running shoes ever designed.

Hopefully everyone who is interested in the Top 10 Best Jogging Shoes for Men now has a better idea of the types of shoes that may fit their needs. All in all, these are some of today’s best shoes designed for short distance and also long distance running that everyone who loves this sport will consider.

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